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How Emma Watson is Promoting Eco-Friendly Fashion

Emma Watson is a gal we love for many reasons, and she recently announced she’s embracing a cause near and dear to our hearts, and that’s eco-friendly fashion!

Emma Watson and sustainable fashion

We’ve written about our love of eco-conscious fashionistas in the past, but Watson has definitely come out on top of the sustainable fashion game. She recently announced on her Instagram account that she’ll be wearing clothes from designers who consider artisans’ skills, the environment, and sustainability.The “challenge” will go on while she’s on her most recent press tour for the film Regression.

In another big promotion for the sustainable fashion movement, she’s been posting her ethical looks to her Instagram account too, proving that slow fashion may just be the way to go!

She also tells the stories of the designers, like what it’s made of, and who made it. She espouses animal-friendly ideals too, and praised a designer who refused to use fur in one of her outfits.

Watson’s decision was inspired by True Cost, which is a documentary that delves into all the dangers and scary stuff that fast fashion promotes. Thankfully, slow fashion is growing movement because of films like True Cost and similar documentary TV shows.

According to this article on Vanity Fair, Watson is using her celebrity to reach out to and hopefully influence young consumers, who shes says are most in need of seeing what the True Cost reveals.

This is definitely a trend we can get behind! Hopefully Watson’s commitment to kindness and sustainability catches on, and more celebrities find themselves promoting ethical fashion on the red carpet.

Photo of Emma Watson from Shutterstock.


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