Fall Jewelry Trends to Embrace Now

I hate to bring up fall when summer isn’t technically over, but one of the things I’m looking forward to most now is the fall jewelry trends that the new season is bringing!

I hate to bring up fall when summer isn't technically over, but I'm so looking forward to the fall jewelry trends that the new season is bringing!

Dainty pieces seem to be a new staple item these days, from simple chain necklaces to plain gold cuffs. In a lot of street style snaps, models and celebrities are also wearing pieces that are unique to them, like something with an initial, a birthstone, or a favorite gem.

This site nails it all, with simple designs and pieces that can be customized for any guy or gal. (See below for some of my faves!) But what makes Uncommon Goods even more unique is that they actually have a code of conduct for their vendors!

In short, they’re committed to the health and safety of the laborers who make the jewelry that they sell, and they also make sure those manufacturers adhere to some pretty strict standards of sustainability. They don’t allow the use of toxic or hazardous substances during manufacturing and they require vendors to constantly try to improve environmental performance toward clean production.

I’ll admit that as an eco-friendly fashionista, trendy and sustainable jewelry can be hard to come by, but not so with Uncommon Goods! Check out these necklaces below:

Uncommon necklaces

  1. This anatomically-correct heart piece is so quirky! It’s small enough to be worn with just about anything, but attention-grabbing enough to generate some interest from anyone who sees it. And I love a good piece that’s also a conversation starter!
  2. The amethyst geode is another one that got my attention as soon as I went to their site. I’m partial to amethyst as a healing crystal, so it didn’t take long for me to add this one to my wish list!

Their bracelets are equally as cool, and ever so trendy! They’ve got every piece you could ever want, from chunky cuffed bangles to simple pendants on a chain.


  1. The map bangle can actually be customized to the coordinates of your choosing! I’ve already got this one in mind as a going-away gift for one of my coworkers.
  2. The square ends on this bangle can be customized too- you just send them your own sand and they’ll place it in the little boxes! It’s a cool memento for someone (like me) who collects sand.
  3. And then of course, I had to include a pretty silver and gold chain bracelet. This one is just simple and versatile enough to be worn on its own, with a T-shirt or an evening gown.

After doing some digging, I saw that the founder of Uncommon Goods was inspired to start the company after a visit to the Smithsonian Museum in DC, where he was captivated by all the handmade goods. So he brought together all of these beautiful items, made by skilled workers, to one online marketplace.

I don’t know about you, but I’m smitten!

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods; photo of woman with fall leaf from Shutterstock.

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