Natural Hair Care

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Natural Shampoo

We all want that shiny, bouncy, voluminous hair that we see in those shampoo commercials. What we don’t want is the nasty results shampoo leaves after the cameras are turned off. Traditional shampoo can get a bad rep for leaving gunky build-up in your scalp or leaving your hair flat and dry. Beyond that, traditional […]

October 15th

The Skinny on Coconut Oil

Unlike most oils, coconut oil is actually good for you. You can ingest it as well as using it on your body and your hair! When ingested, it helps aid in digestion, balance out our blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, as well as tons of other fun stuff. I converted to cooking with  only coconut oil […]

May 23rd

Product Review: Tangut Resvene Supplements

Tangut creates natural supplements, made in the USA with handpicked ingredients from their own, organic farm near the Tangut mountain of Tibet. Their natural supplement Resvene is intended to boost collagen, and activate the longevity gene SIRT 1. I’ve been taking their Resvene supplements for several days now, and will continue to do so throughout the holidays. Here are my current results.

December 4th

DIY Banana Milkshake Hair Mask

This mask is great because the bananas are packed full of nutrients such as potassium, vitamin B6, folate and other good-for-your-hair ingredients while the coconut milk contains lauric acid which helps to keep your hair strong and cleans away any dead skin cells which may have gotten trapped in your tresses.

August 11th

5 Supplement Secrets to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Us ladies are always looking for easy ways to keep ourselves looking impossibly beautiful without sacrificing our health, which is why I’m so stoked to have fallen back in love with a few natural supplements that have helped transform my hair, nails, and skin from ‘meh’ to ‘hell yeah!’

Since summer is just around the corner I wanted to share my 5 supplement beauty secrets with my fellow green queens so you too can take your natural beauty to the next level.