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10 Of The Best Durable Backpacks For Every Adventure

Everyone has used a backpack at some point in their life. Whether to tote books for school or lug a laptop for work. A quality backpack is a must-have accessory for all sorts of activities and work-related functions.

Whether you’re hitting the trail or just looking for something to get you to the office and back, durable backpacks are key to carrying all of your items without fear of them getting ruined.

What To Look For In Durable Backpacks

I fondly remember picking out backpacks in my youth. I went through a few bags when I was in school, and I loved getting to choose a new one every so often. As I went from high school to university, my needs changed. They went from looking for something stylish to searching for a practical option that would fit all my heavy books.

Today, my backpack needs are a little different. I use them for active pursuits like hiking and cycling. I’m a little bit of a pack rat, so I put storage above all else when I’m choosing a backpack model. What else should you look for in a backpack?

The perfect backpack depends on your needs. However, there are a few essential features.

Comfortable Straps

Even a light load can put a strain on your upper body, so padded straps are important. You simply never know when you’ll need to over stuff your pack. Comfortable straps ensure you’re not left crippled in pain after going to and from work.

Supportive straps are particularly important for people who are biking, walking, or using public transit. Hikers and campers who plan to carry their packs for long distances should also pay careful attention to strap configurations. For hiking, a waist or sternum strap is useful for preventing bounce and chafing.

Durable Material

Most of the backpacks I’ve owned have lasted at least a couple of years because they all had a durable exterior. A thick fabric (preferably one that’s water-resistant or waterproof) is ideal. 


The amount of storage required varies from person to person. Still, every backpack should have at least a few pockets to hold essentials like keys. 

Laptop Sleeve

If you plan on toting around electronics, a padded compartment is a necessity. It’s a useful feature even if you don’t plan on carrying your laptop with you. You can safeguard delicate items in this compartment or organize essential documents.

RFID Protection

Back in the day, most backpacks didn’t have this high-tech feature. Today, the add-on is almost indispensable, especially for people who travel frequently. RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, and anti-RFID tech prevents identify theft so thieves can’t get your credit card info from afar. 

Of course, there are a few other features that might be useful for specific pursuits. A packable, lightweight, yet durable backpack is ideal for travelers or camping enthusiasts. When you’re not using the pack, simply pack it down and put it away. 

Sports-specific durable backpacks have a lot of neat features like built-in bottle carriers, hydration packs, and loops to store your helmet or hiking poles. 

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Whether you invest in these extra bells and whistles depends on what you plan to do with your backpack. The list below includes a variety of packs suitable for work, school, and other day-to-day uses. 

They all have two features in common. They are all highly durable, and they all have exceptionally high ratings on Amazon.

10 Durable Backpacks 

Here are 10 durable backpacks with rave reviews for your consideration.

MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack

With over 15,000 ratings on Amazon, this backpack was an easy pick for our list. It features a separate padded laptop compartment and a breathable back design.

It’s an excellent option for frequent travelers thanks to a suite of smart features including a built-in USB charger and anti-theft technology. It’s also made of water-resistant material and features sturdy metal zippers. 

Why do people love it? It’s an attractive bag with lots of interior room. It also has an affordable price tag.

High Sierra Loop Backpack

This backpack is available in a barrage of colors and has a handy multi-compartment design. It’s inexpensive and has ergonomic padded shoulder straps. The straps and back of the pack feature breathable mesh panels to ensure wearer comfort. Straps evenly distribute weight so that it doesn’t put undue pressure on your shoulders and upper body.

Why do people love it? The multi-compartment design makes it uber-easy to keep everything organized. The straps are ultra-comfortable and easily adjustable. Reviewers were also happy with the quality of the materials.

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Backpack

The Venture Pal Backpack is available in multiple bright colors. It’s a lightweight backpack designed primarily for hiking, but it could easily be used as an everyday pack. It features tear-proof and water-resistant material along with sturdy metal zippers. Mesh straps make carrying the weight comfortable. It weighs only 0.7 pounds but provides plenty of storage room.

Why do people love it? This lightweight bag that doesn’t skimp on extra features. It has plenty of storage space, and water-resistant fabric performs reasonably well.

Vancropak Student Bookbag

This stylish pack is a great option for students who plan to lug around laptops or tablets for the semester. The water-resistant exterior is made of lightweight yet sturdy canvas fabric.

The pack also has a built-in USB charging port and a 15.6-inch laptop compartment. 

Why do people love it? It really is water-resistant (though not suitable for rainy weather). This is one of the most attractive designs with exterior fabric that makes this one of the more durable backpacks.

Wildkin Kids Backpack

For those seeking a suitable backpack for kids, this super cute pack is a durable option thanks to its 600-denier polyester exterior. The bag is BPA-free and is sized perfectly for younger children. It’s available in a variety of creative patterns and is a breeze to clean — we all know how messy kids can be!

Why do people love it? The cute patterns are fun, and despite being sized for younger kids, the backpack has a decent amount of interior space. The bottom is also reinforced, and the straps have plenty of padding.

BRINCH Laptop Backpack

This sleek, fashionable backpack is made of water-repellent nylon and is an excellent option for everyday commuters. It features a handy USB charging port and a wide opening that makes it easy to fill and unpack. Small storage pockets allow users to tote around various knick-knacks, and multiple handles make it easy to transport the bag without fuss.

Why do people love it? The wide opening is convenient, and the straps are very comfortable. The side pockets fits large water bottles, and the overall design is super functional.

Lenovo Laptop Backpack

This backpack is specially designed for carrying a laptop. It features a super durable water-repellent exterior to keep your electronics safe and sound. The quilted compartment provides an extra layer of security for your computer and fits items up to 15.6 inches.

Why do people love it? They appreciate the slim design and that it fits the essentials without the fuss.

HIKPRO Backpack

Here’s another highly-rated utilitarian backpack option perfect for hiking or everyday pursuits. It features a durable, water-resistant exterior and a roomy interior compartment. It’s very lightweight (only 7.5 ounces) and has a few extra pockets for added storage.

Its wide straps are padded and feature mesh panels for extra breathability. Finally, the nylon material is tear-resistant, and the bottom is reinforced for extra strength.

Why do people love it? It’s highly durable but also lightweight. It packs up neatly and still has added storage despite its packable design. A great bag for travel purposes.

Winblo Laptop Backpack

This pretty pack is another option suitable for back-to-school. It’s a budget-friendly laptop bag with two extra-large compartments. The padded straps are adjustable, and there are plenty of pockets inside to store smaller gadgets and accessories.

Why do people love it? It’s a beautiful looking bag with an even nicer price tag. It has a surprisingly well-padded laptop compartment for the price and plenty of added storage.

JanSport SuperBreak One Backpack

This brand is probably one of the most recognizable for backpacks, so it’s no surprise that this option ended up on our list. The SuperBreak is a reliable, minimalist backpack that features a lifetime warranty and an ergonomic design.

Padded straps and a mesh-lined back make this pack easy to tote around for a whole day. A large main storage compartment makes it easy to pack and identify interior items. It also comes in plenty of lovely colorways. 

Why do people love it? It’s durable, comfortable to wear, and is roomy despite its compact design.

Written by Leigha Staffenhagen

Leigha is a writer, blogger, and lover of all things natural beauty.

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