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8 Celebrity Fashion Muses with Truly Ethical Style

Check out our round-up of some of the most well-known celebrity fashion muses for vegan and sustainable fashion!

8 Celebrity Fashion Muses with Truly Ethical Style

While I don’t consider myself someone who’s particularly “in the know” on the celebrity and entertainment spheres, I’ve definitely become familiar with some of the famous faces with penchants for eco-conscious fashion.

Some of these inspiring celebrity fashion idols are designers, some of them are curators of their own eco-boutiques, and some of them support good causes, like the well being of other people and the environment. It’s refreshing to see these leading ladies lead the way in sustainable fashion and beauty, in an industry otherwise devoted to somewhat less noble pastimes. But I digress…

1. Jessica Alba

Starting with one of the most well-known, Jessica Alba founded Honest Company, a place for nontoxic and eco-friendly household goods. While it’s mostly known for products geared towards new parents, they actually carry a ton of great cleansers, moisturizers, and the like.

2. Jessica Biel

Another Jessica, Jessica Biel, launched an eco-friendly handbag line with her brother last year. The aptly titled Bare uses plain old coffee bean sacks, and the bags are handmade in Colorado. While some of the bags aren’t vegan (a lot of them have leather), the collection has some pretty chic carryalls, a personal weakness of mine!

3. Emily Deschanel

Actress Emily Deschanel is a favorite celebrity fashion muse of mine because of her understated way of embracing animal friendly, eco-conscious fashion. On the red carpet, she’s usually in something totally vegan, which is impressive for anyone, but especially someone who’s expected to put style over sustainability!

4. Olivia Wilde

Next up, actress and humanitarian Olivia Wilde! Wilde was the face of H&M’s most recent recycling campaign, and you can also expect to see her in ads for the company’s new Conscious Exclusive collection coming out April 16th. Beyond that, Wilde recently founded Conscious Commerce, a lifestyle website of sustainable goods.

5. Shailiene Woodey

Shailene Woodey is an actress who’s always been vocal about living a natural lifestyle, but what’s really exciting about her is how she connects that lifestyle to her peace of mind (for more on that, read her interview with Natural Health magazine). She also shops at thrift stores, borrows accessories from friends, and recycles her own clothes!

6. Stella McCartney

Designer Stella McCartney has long been one of my favorites. Any time I need a vegan bag or belt, I know I can look to McCartney’s most recent collection. Another cool thing she’s got going on is this collaboration with Adidas for eco-chic workout wear!

7. Alicia Silverstone

Another vocal friend of animals and the environment, actress Alicia Silverstone has really grown out of her Cher Horowitz days! Beyond espousing a vegan diet, Silverstone also has her own vegan skincare and cosmetic lines with Juice Beauty. Bonus: the stuff is pretty affordable, coming in at less than $40 per item!

8. Lauren Conrad

Lastly, this up-and-comer to sustainable celebrity fashion is really making a difference! Lauren Conrad has been working with BlueAvocado on a couple of eco-friendly containers in the cutest prints. Her e-commerce site, The Little Market, features items handmade by artisans. All sales help empower the women who make the items to rise above the poverty around them.

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