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17 Self-Care Gifts To Unwind This Holiday Season

The holidays can be stressful. You’ve got numerous parties to attend, family to visit, and gifts to buy. And if you’re hosting an event this season, it can be even more hectic. So why not give the gift of self-care to your loved ones (and yourself) this year? Nothing says “I care about you” more than giving the gift of relaxation.

So if you know someone in your life who rarely takes the time to slow down and care for themselves, check out some of our favorite self-care gifts to wind-down this holiday season.

Self-Care Gift Box

If you like the idea of putting together a gift box with a few different self-care goodies by don’t feel creative enough to get it all together, leave the job to Etsy! This self-care gift box includes a bath soak, a clay face mask, lip balm, a soy candle, and matches.

Bullet Journal Set

One of the most therapeutic things we can do is write down our plans and reflect on the day. A bullet journal is a great way to track goals, reflect on the past, and plan for the present.

Gather Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

I have this diffuser and LOVE it. Not only does it feature a beautiful design aesthetic, but the water reservoir is large enough for oils to be diffused all night. This diffuser is color changing and features a variety of different relaxing sounds. I personally fall asleep to the sound of ocean waves every night, and I sleep like a baby!

15lb Weighted Blanket

Who doesn’t love the relaxing feeling of being all bundled up under some heavy blankets? Take that feeling to the next level with a weighted blanket! Weighted blankets provide you with the comfort of being swaddled up like a baby. Needless to say, I definitely have one of these on my Christmas wish list this year.

Acure Face Mask

There are few things that feel as relaxing as applying a face mask and sitting still for 15 minutes while it does its thing. Slapping on a couple of cucumbers over those tired eyes is always a good idea too. This Acure mask has an incredible peppermint scent and leaves your skin feeling tingly and clean in the best way. Check out our article about natural face masks for more options.

Bath Salt Spa Gift Set Collection

This bath salt set from Etsy is a great gift for the person in your life who doesn’t get to take nearly as many baths are they deserve to! This set includes a Himalayan pink salt soak, a french green clay soak, and a black lava salt soak. 100% vegan and handmade using dead sea salt and organic essential oils, this set comes in a holiday gift box with an included wooden scoop.

Meditation Cushion

Why wait for January 1st to commit to daily meditation? This meditation cushion provides a comfy place for you to get your Om on while supporting your spine and back. Available in 6 different colors, this cushion is filled with buckwheat hull and the cotton cover can be removed for easy cleaning.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils Starter Kit

This USDA organic certified essential oil set from Plant Therapy includes all the basic scents to get started with aromatherapy. I use these oils at home and have found them to be my favorite brand because they’re affordable and are one of the few brands I’ve found that are certified organic by the USDA. And of course, they smell absolutely amazing!

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Skincare Set

One of my favorite self-care routines is my nighttime skincare regimen. I start with a clean face, then I spray on some toner, apply my moisturizer, and finish it all up with some nighttime face oil. This is a great starter set for those that don’t have a current skincare routine, and the formula is cruelty-free, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Another self-care habit I’ve taken up lately is enjoying a hot cup of relaxing tea at the end of a long day, or after a challenging yoga class. The one bad habit I do have, though, is letting my tea get cold. This Ember mug keeps your drink hot and toasty, anywhere from 120-145 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on your preference. It’s controlled with your smartphone and has a battery life of up to 1.5 hours. Don’t buy that coffee lover another ceramic mug when you can treat them to something even more special, and high-tech for that matter!

The Republic of Tea Turmeric Gift Set

And while we’re on the subject of tea, check out this set of turmeric tea from The Republic of Tea! Turmeric, ginger, and green tea are said to support the body’s response to inflammation, allowing your joints, ligaments, and muscles to stretch more fully: perfect for the yogi in your life!

Deck Of 64 Affirmation Cards

Affirmations are beneficial in yoga and meditation, but they’re a great way to stay positive throughout the day, too! I find that once I find an affirmation for the day that works for me, it’s a lot easier for me to relax when I get stressed or overwhelmed. But sometimes the most difficult part is finding a few words to use as an affirmation! These power thought cards from Louise Hay offer 64 different affirmations to use in yoga, meditation, or just everyday life!

Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Lifeā€¦And Maybe the World

Maybe your loved one finds inspiration from self-help books. This book from Retired Navy Seal Admiral William H. McRaven offers the simple idea of how making your bed can lead to even more tasks accomplished throughout the day, and how those tasks can change your life. I’ve had many friends recommend this book to me, and it’s even on my bookshelf right now, just waiting to be read!

Heated Neck Wrap

After a hard workout, or maybe just a hard day, nothing feels as relaxing as a heated neck wrap. This wrap from Etsy is available in 5 colors and comes with your choice of scent spritzer to apply after heating the pack.

Amika The Kure Hair Mask

amika the kure

And if your loved one is enjoying their face mask, why not have them apply a hair mask while they’re at it? This hair mask from amika is reviewed highly on Amazon and is especially beneficial for those with dry, brittle, or color-treated hair.

52-Week Gratitude Guide

Help your loved one start 2020 off on a good foot with this 52-week gratitude guide! Sometimes self-care takes the form of resetting your mindset, and recognizing what you have to be thankful for in your life can make a big difference, especially when day to day stress makes you forget the little things!

Mandala Coloring Book

And finally, nothing says self-care quite like breaking out your kids’ coloring pencils and giving yourself a little time to decompress with an adult coloring book.

Written by Leigha Staffenhagen

Leigha is a writer, blogger, and lover of all things natural beauty.

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