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Organic Argan Oil for Skin: How to Make Your Own Scrub

When it comes to lotions, cleansers, and exfoliators, I’m a little wary of what I put on my body, which is why I’ve been using organic argan oil for skin care.

How to make your own argan oil body scrub using three easy ingredients! When it comes to lotions, cleansers, and exfoliators, I'm a little wary of what I put on my body, which is why I've been using organic argan oil for skin care.

I’ve sung the praises of organic argan oil before, mostly for its many uses. Moisturizer, hair serum, and now cleanser/exfoliator, argan oil does everything!

First of all, a quick primer. What is argan oil exactly? It’s a Moroccan oil made from little argan kernels (from, you guessed it, an argan tree). In Morocco, it’s been used for beauty… and as food! See, I told you it does everything!

I’ve tried using it as a moisturizer, lip balm, and for my nails, and I haven’t been disappointed yet! (Which, by the way, is very impressive since I’m pretty picky about my beauty products!)

But this time I tested it out as an exfoliating cleanser. Here’s my recipe.

Then just mix it all up in a small mason jar and use it as needed! The mason jar just helps it store better if you’re saving it for later, but I didn’t have any left over! Increase the ingredients as needed, since you’ll probably need more if you want to exfoliate your entire body. Once you’ve got your scrub, just rub it in until the sugar dissolves and rinse off! It’s a great way to get silky smooth skin without the harsh chemicals or those harmful exfoliating microbeads.

What I love about these homemade DIY scrubs is that you can alter them however you need to. So, instead of brown sugar you could use cane sugar, white sugar, or whatever else you’ve got on hand that has a similar consistency. I’ve also heard of people having good results with used coffee grounds (hello, recycling!) or even oatmeal. If you’re going to use oatmeal though, I’d recommend processing it in a food processor or blender until to break it down until it’s coarse.

Next time, I’ll probably add some other essential oils just to experiment with different smells. I’m thinking lavender or lemon would go great too, for relaxing or invigorating effects, respectively.

So there you have it- a quick, easy recipe for an all-natural scrub using organic argan oil! I can’t wait to try more versions of this recipe.

[Photo of oil and sugar via Shutterstock]

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