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Organic Argan Oil for Hair

After all the articles I’ve written on the benefits of argan oil, I’ve never talked about the amazing use of organic argan oil for hair.

argan oil for healthy hair

Frequently used as a moisturizer for hair, skin, and nails, organic argan oil is Moroccan in origin and comes from the seeds of an argan tree. It can also be used as a culinary oil, but its benefits are touted mostly in the spheres of health and beauty.

And as a gal with chronically frizzy hair, organic argan oil was a godsend! In previous posts about the oil, I’ve talked about how less is more when you’re using it on your skin; with hair, you may actually need a bit more for a good, shiny effect.

For skin, I’d always recommend one or two drops (even for a bigger area), but for hair, you can use as much as you need to cover your palm. No matter how you use it, you want to make sure you distribute it evenly, which is why it helps to spread it over palms first.

There are a couple of ways to use this potent oil:

  1. Use it as conditioner! I tried this and was amazed at the results. Shampoo as normal in the shower, but instead of using your regular conditioner, try using argan oil. Spread it over your palms and cold it through with your hands. Then use a wide-tooth comb through your stands to make sure the oil is evenly distributed. I only left it in for five or so minutes (trying to test it out and conserve water!) and my hair was so silky and shiny! Something to watch out for: don’t use it at the roots! Especially if you have an oily complexion, just apply the oil at the shaft and on the ends.
  2. Use it as a styling balm! This was another easy use for it, and one that required way less oil than using it as conditioner. After you blow-dry and style, put a few pumps of oil into your palms, rub them together, and comb through hair. Again, it’s best to just keep it at the roots without going too far up the shaft, especially if your hair is greasy. This also works wonders on hair even if you haven’t washed or styled it, the oil will make your hair look shiny, strong, and healthy.

There you have it! What’s your favorite use for organic argan oil?

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