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Cruelty Free Mascara

We’ve all been there: we find the perfect lipstick, eyeliner, highlighter or mascara after months of searching, just to find out the cold truth that the company tests on animals. I’ve even had the experience of thinking a company was cruelty-free, bought the mascara and brought it home, only to discover that they were indeed […]

November 28th

Why You Should Make the Switch to Cruelty-Free Makeup

Vegan diets are a growing trend, but there are a whole lot more ways to embrace a vegan lifestyle, starting with cruelty-free makeup. We wear the stuff every day, so it’s definitely an important part of an animal-friendly lifestyle, but it can also be an easy thing to overlook! This article by Becky Striepe on Green Living Ideas breaks it down with more info on cruelty-free makeup and even some DIY makeup recipes!

September 25th

Tarte Cosmetics Acquired by Pro-Animal Testing Company, KOSÉ

I was disappointed to hear the announcement this week that Tarte Cosmetics, which has been touted as an environmentally conscious company that doesn’t test on animals, was bought out by KOSÉ, a Japanese cosmetics company that supports animal testing. KOSÉ has now acquired a 93.5% share in the company, which includes most of the shares […]

March 21st

Vegan Makeup: What does that mean?

I have been talking a bit lately about vegan makeup and beauty supplies, and for folks that aren’t familiar with a vegan lifestyle, this might seem a little bit…well…strange, right? You don’t eat nail polish! So, what is vegan makeup, and who cares, anyway?

September 23rd

The Skinny on Coconut Oil

Unlike most oils, coconut oil is actually good for you. You can ingest it as well as using it on your body and your hair! When ingested, it helps aid in digestion, balance out our blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, as well as tons of other fun stuff. I converted to cooking with  only coconut oil […]

May 23rd