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Eco-friendly Cosmetics: Why you Should Care

Eco-friendly makeup brands you'll love

Like I mentioned before in a previous post, it’s easy to be a little mindless about what beauty products we use, especially when eco-friendly cosmetics aren’t so mainstream.

Even though I’m aware of the terrible chemical additives in some beauty products, I was still surprised when I read this article about how poorly regulated the cosmetics industry is. To summarize: companies can put whatever weird chemicals they want in a product and sell it in stores, and they only have to remove a harmful product from shelves if they get caught. Yikes!

We’ve mentioned before how dangerous the additives in nail polish can be (here and here), and yet some remain on store shelves. We’ve also talked about the dangers of microbeads in some face washes, but at least those are being outlawed now because of how harmful they are for the environment.

Here’s a short list of some other chemical additives and what personal care products they regularly sneak into.

How to Avoid Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics

This can be tough because it requires a lot of vigilance in an industry that’s deliberately sneaky with labeling. Also, there’s no law that requires companies to list every single ingredient they use in a product in its label. With that dubious labeling comes the opportunity for some potential allergens and other bad stuff to find their way into your medicine cabinet.

Luckily, I’ve found some beauty and cosmetics brands that I really like that are pretty transparent with their labeling, and that contain no harmful ingredients. Here are a few:

  1. Yes to: These products are great, both in terms of the ingredients and the price point! Some beauty products can cost an insane amount of money, but Yes To keeps things high-quality and affordable. All of their products are made with fruits and vegetables and are free of harmful chemicals. They have multiple lines of skin care products (with everything from lotions to cleansers… even sunscreen!) for all skin types. Definitely check them out!
  2. Bare Escentuals: This brand has a lot of gentle skin care products that are natural and gentle enough to be used on a baby’s skin. they also don’t test on animals and don’t work with companies that do animal testing. BUT for cosmetics, they have both natural and synthetic brushes- in the making of their natural goat and pony brushes though, they animals aren’t harmed in the process of harvesting the hair. Phew! Check them out here.
  3. Honest Company: Despite this recent controversy around the efficacy of the Honest Company’s sunscreen, this is another company to look at for some eco-friendly and people-friendly beauty supplies and cosmetics. The company is committed to environmental sustainability and to using only healthy, natural ingredients in its products. And they don’t stop at beauty and cosmetics, they also have cleaning supplies and even vitamins! Being cruelty-free and vegan helps too.
  4. 100 Percent Pure: This company is super cool. They’re still pretty new to me, but I love that their cosmetics are dyed with fruit- totally natural and organic! And they carry a natural lip and check tint, and I love multi-tasking products like that! They have beauty products for face, body, hair, nails and even babies. Their products are 100 percent natural a,d 100 percent cruelty-free. Read their story here.

Have you tired any natural, eco0friendly cosmetics brands? Share in the comments!

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