Heather Mills Using a Pool-Full of Water

The ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, continues to fight with local authorities over a pool she built without permission.

In a time of water shortage for many parts of the world, the 40 ft x 22 ft pool — built on top of a former vegetable garden — is stirring up controversy in Mills’ English country home.

Heather Mills is now claiming that the pool is a safety measure and can be used by the local fire brigade to put out fires.

Mills, an ardent vegan previously argued that people should be drinking rat and dog milk.

Obviously, her arguments should be taken seriously.

Written by Kelly Dunleavy

Kelly lives in San Rafael, CA (which is across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco). She competes competitively in triathlon and spends nearly all her time on her bike, in the pool or out running some of the best trails in the country.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, she worked at a start-up fashion magazine for a year and learned more about fashion and photo shoots than she ever wanted to know. She's starting a new job as a reporter for the local MarinScopes newspapers and harbors dreams of becoming the female Edward Murrow. You can read more about her at her website and blog:

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