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    Do What Leonardo DiCaprio Says: Vote (the Environment)!

    Our favorite environmentally-friendly Titanic Star, Leonardo DiCaprio, is the force behind the recent (ironic) “Don’t Vote” PSAs starring Eva Longoria, Dustin Hoffman, Ellen, Ashton Kutcher and more! With Election Day less than 24 hours away, Leo wants you to know that now is your chance to vote (the environment). More

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    Celebrate Halloween in Style

    Happy Halloween! As you celebrate the holiday with your best eco-friendly costumes, don’t forget to enter the Green Halloween Costume Contest — Deadline: Midnight Tonight! Though you may not be able to celebrate like Heidi Klum and Seal (above as Eve and the apple), who threw their yearly bash earlier this month, you can still […] More

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    Victoria and David Beckham: Bird Poo Facials

    Enjoy this post, subscribe to FeelGoodStyle’s RSS Feed! How do David Beckham and Posh Spice stay look so, well, posh? Bird Poo, it turns out, gives the soccer star and Spice Girl glowing skin. Does it get any more ‘natural’ then that? Victoria Beckham, the former Posh Spice, has recently begun using Geisha Facials, made […] More

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    Paris Hilton Totally Cares About the Environment

    Paris Hilton like totally cares about the environment. The Hilton heiress’ was recently photographed wearing a 100% organic t-shirt with environmental slogans. The Threads for Thought t-shirt that Paris Hilton wore read: “What if this was the only tree left to hug” with a picture of a tree-shaped air freshener. More

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    MTV Teaches Panama About Hypocrisy: Destroys Rainforest for Real World/Road Rules

    Editor’s Note: MTV’s Rainforest story was also covered on our network by This US News headline — ‘Is MTV Being Hypocritical?’ — may seem a little obvious. But, this time, the mixed messages aren’t about body image issues or consumerism. The hypocrisy is about the environment. At the same time that people are praising […] More

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    Thoreau’s Legacy: Your Personal Stories About Global Warming

    Do you envision yourself the next Thoreau? Or Emerson? Or maybe you just really want to tell someone about your pet polar bear, your fight to save your favorite tree, or your terrifying bike ride to work in the name of the environment? If you can shape the future of the fight on global warming […] More

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    Not Too Pretty: Organic Cosmetics Make a Compact

    This is a guest post by Kelly Dunleavy, a writer living in Northern California. While we may not be using arsenic as a cosmetic anymore, the make-up we put on (almost) every day can still have punishing and dangerous chemicals. Of course, there are organic and safer versions. But, why not demand an overhaul of […] More