The Nature of Beauty is Going Live! (and you can join in)

Have you ever wished that, rather than reading about other people’s conversations with your favorite organic beauty experts, you could ask them a question yourself? Well here’s your chance. This Wednesday, April 28th, at 10pm EST/7pm PST,  The Nature of Beauty is going live, with the first in a series of weekly live talk shows on  Not to be confused with an hour-long infomercial, I am going to be moderating weekly conversations, in real time, with some of the most-respected names in the beauty business, including this week’s guest, celebrity makeup artist Jessa Blades. On the roster for upcoming shows are Rose-Marie Swift (rms beauty), Dr. Saul Alkaitis, Nonie Creme (Butter LONDON), Vicky Tsai (Tatcha), Elena Lipson (, Stancie Wilson ( and Elizabeth Thomson (, with additional guests to be announced soon (hint: one tentatively scheduled guest has a name that rhymes with Shane Schmiredale). We’ll be delving deeper into topics that are often addressed with only a few bullet points or sound bites. In other words, it’s time to move beyond the Dirty 30 and product recommendations, and really talk about what this is all about.

Back to this week’s show. Jessa Blades and Nature of Beauty makeup artist, Nina Strommen, will discuss their professional experiences moving away from the use of commercial cosmetics to more natural and less toxic options. They’re going to talk about some of the challenges they have encountered, and will be giving out invaluable tips on how to adjust your techniques to make that green beauty stuff work like a dream. And of course, they will be taking your questions as well throughout the hour!

The whole thing is taking place on Since most of you have probably never heard of it, I’ll fill you in a bit. provides Nature of Beauty Live listeners with the opportunity to hear the show online, join the discussion via chat board, and to call in using cell phone, land line, or VoIP services such as Skype. If you find yourself with a burning question for our guests, just say so on the chat board, and I will make sure you get a turn to ask them yourself! For that, of course, you will need to phone in, but you can hear the whole show on the phone, too, just like if you were on a conference call.

I hope you will consider listening in. I think it’s going to be a ton of fun, highly informative, and a great way to deepen your understanding of what this whole industry is about, how it works, and who the geniuses are behind the movement toward cleaner, safer, and all around better beauty products!

Details: Follow this link, where you choose to listen live, log in to chat, or call 724-444-7444 and enter code 80100 when prompted for the ID number. Important note: if you choose to follow along online AND phone in, be sure to turn off the Streaming Audio feature at the bottom right of the page.

Written by Terri Bly

Terri Bly is the founder of The Nature of Beauty, LTD, an all-eco website, shop, and spa. She is a freelance writer, currently residing in Minneapolis.


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