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Secrets to Healthy Fall Skin: Tips + Tricks to Keep Your Glow When the Temp Drops

Secrets to Healthy Fall Skin: Tips + Tricks to Keep Your Glow When the Temp Drops

The fall and winter months are typically killers when it comes to the skin. Windburn, dryness, and temperature-related broken capillaries all make for a nasty presentation on the cheeks, and lips can get chapped and thin-looking.  But there are several natural combatants to cold weather warriors, so sit back, relax, and read on to find out some simple, doable tips for healthy fall skin.

Healthy Fall Skin Tips

Find a gentle cleanser for use during the cold-weather months.  My DIY cleansing grains are a great option here.

For healthy fall skin, make sure to tone with some calming witch hazel or chamomile.

Moisturize your heart out!  This is a great moisturizer recipe, as is any variation on Rosemary Gladstar’s “Perfect Cream.”  When in doubt, find the least chemicalized moisturizer you can and use it religiously.

Combat broken capillaries with a little direct application of Vitamin E.  You can also apply Vitamin C in its purest form: cut a lemon or pineapple and apply directly to the face.

*As always, avoid applying items to which you’ve had past bad reactions and be thoughtful about what you put on your skin.  If you are prone to breakouts, avoid direct application of any oil and simply add some to your homemade lotion (or find a manufactured lotion with a good amount).*

Healthy Fall Lips

Keep your pucker smooth with a little exfoliating sugar scrub.  Brown sugar and a neutral oil work beautifully here and you can use this combination on the rest of your body as well.  Mix two parts sugar of choice with one part oil of choice (I like grapeseed).  Stir and store in a glass jar or container with a tight-fitting lid.  Spread a bit of the mixture on your lips, let sit for a minute, and then rinse away.

Again, moisturize as much as possible.  You can use some of your homemade moisturizer or try your hand at a beeswax-based lip balm.

Try a natural lip plumper like peppermint essential oil or cinnamon essential oil.  Add a few drops to your lip balm recipe and your balm and plumper become one.

Now go out and feel good in your healthy fall skin!

Image credit: happy womanvia photo Shutterstock.

Written by Leah Gehlsen Morlan

lives and works in Iowa City, Iowa. She has a film degree from the University of Iowa, and her interests include: watching & writing about film, chasing her kids around, childbirth, healthy cooking & living, and DIY body & baby products. Find me on Google+.

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