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It's Bonus Time at The Nature of Beauty

I like to think I’m not the only woman who kept an eye and ear on constant alert for the various Bonus Time events at the cosmetic department of Macy’s (and Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdale’s, you get the idea). Like a July mosquito to the bug zapper, I was drawn in each and every time to the big sign displaying the funky little cosmetic bag next to little tubes of lipstick and other novelties. It didn’t matter that I already had 42 bags containing half-used eye makeup remover from previous Bonus Time affairs; if it was happening, I immediately felt compelled to participate.

So it’s really no surprise that I created one for The Nature of Beauty. As they say, once an addict….But I wanted to make this one a bit more meaningful, to give me and you a legitimate excuse to get excited about this particular Bonus Time. Rather than a cheap, mass-produced makeup bag, I chose to house the full size, travel size, and sample products we’re giving away in hand-crafted fair trade cosmetic bags made by women in India. Using discarded saris, they decorate the bags with beads and bright threads so that each and every bag is 100% unique. They use the money they earn selling the bags to send their children to school and strengthen their communities.

To get your free makeup bag stuffed with treats from Jane Iredale, Keys, Rare El’ements, Dr. Alkaitis and Erbaorganics, simply purchase $75 or more at, and the bag will be automatically entered into your cart. They come in either green or brown, so if you have a preference, be sure to select the “Edit” link after the bag has been added to your cart and choose the one that most tickles your fancy.

Not sure what to buy in order to qualify? Might I suggest the winners from the recent Emerald Awards, including Rare El’ements Shampoo, Conditioner, and El’Serum, Jane Iredale Dream Tint, rms lip2cheek, Sante lipgloss, and Couleur Caramel Mascara.

Written by Terri Bly

Terri Bly is the founder of The Nature of Beauty, LTD, an all-eco website, shop, and spa. She is a freelance writer, currently residing in Minneapolis.

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