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Personal Zen Space

personal zen space

Like the future suspiciously tends to do, August has crept on us and with it comes the beginning of the school year. Hopefully, a summer vacation has got you fresh and ready to take on the daily grind.

For thousands of eighteen year olds like myself, August and September are the times to move into the dorms and get settled into a new kind of life. There are lists galore on Pinterest and blogs that have great suggestions, but I believe there’s one more thing that every college student should pack: a personal Zen space.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking… college isn’t the time to sit and meditate and reflect on our sense of self being. But of course, I disagree. College is about finding yourself and part of that process is being with yourself in a comfortable space. While there may be tons of spots around or off campus that are quaint and quiet, it’s easy enough to just corner off a little section of your room.

I will be at Georgia Tech this fall, which is in the heart of Atlanta, so as you can imagine, the dorms aren’t so eloquent. My roommate and I purchased a mat that’s essentially the mattress of a futon. With some blankets and pillows, an extra sleeping space all of the sudden doubles as a personal relaxation center. We reupholstered a couple of old throw pillows to match our room. Candles aren’t allowed in most dorms, (check with your RA just to be sure), but we stuck a Himalayan salt lamp here for the same type of effect.

As always, support yard sales and thrift stores, and take a little bit of time and funds to invest in this well-worth-it cause. Tip: skip the spending money part by (kindly) permanently borrowing your parents’ stuff. Bring some relaxing music, a fuzzy rug or stuffed animal, or those pictures that hold memories and comfort.

What will make your Zen space special?

Written by Leah

Hi, y'all! Leah here. Commonly mispronounced as lee-uh but kindly corrected as lay-uh. Born and mostly raised in metro Atlanta and will be studying Environmental Engineering in the big ATL for the next four years at Georgia Tech. I'm a optimistic realist, an organized mess, and your go-to girl for all things eco-and-college-friendly!

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