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Natural Beauties :: An Interview with Janet Meredith of Pure Living Boutique

Natural Beauties Janet Meredith

Today I am pleased to bring you an interview with Janet Meredith of Pure Living Boutique as part of our Natural Beauties series. Janet is a true natural beauty. I mean, it is not everyday that you come across someone who has been using natural skincare since the 70’s. We may have a wide selection today of safe organic cosmetics, but back then it was slim pickins. So…Janet really knows her stuff. Let’s take a look at what she has to say on natural beauty and healthy lifestyle. Plus, Janet shares a special discount for FGS readers, so be sure to read the full interview.

Could you please share your story, how you became aware of harmful ingredients in cosmetics?

I’d love to! It started as a pubescent teenager with a pimple. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in front of a dermatologist being given directions on the use of Retin-A plus a script for antibiotics.This sun worshiper surfer girl used the Retin-A but flushed the antibiotics down the toilet. At that moment, age 14, I knew intuitively that this was not the right way for me. Quickly the skin on my face blistered and peeled from the Retin-A, so that too, had to go.

By age 17 I had a part time job and a car so I began shopping at the local health food store. Mesmerized by the bins of sesame seed sticks and dried herbs and books, I explored my way around this new found world. One day I looked at my bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo and it struck me like a lightning bolt – that bright green color and hideously sweet odor were not the results of herbs. In my early 20s I began studying herbalism and playing in the kitchen mixing this and concocting that, attempting to make my own skin care products. Many years of formal education and research along with personal lifestyle decisions have turned me into buyer beware!

How did you choose the products you carry in your store?

Ingredients + handcrafted. The artists I support, handcraft their goodies as a labor of love and caring. To the best of my knowledge they do not use pre-made base formulas. Organically grown, wild crafted, fair trade, and CO2 extracted essential oils are used when available. Each item is tested by me personally and contains absolutely zero: toxins, chemicals, methyl-anythings, sulfite-yuckies, or other scary stuff. Most all items are edible, although I don’t necessarily recommend that! Marketing is amazing and the average consumer relies heavily on a pretty label. Oftentimes the information on the front of a bottle and the actual ingredient listing (not “key ingredients”) are incongruent. One of my many hats … I teach “Label Interpretation”.

Currently, I am collaborating with my buddy to create the most amazing{shhh} ever … stay tuned, Pure Living will soon have its very first official product!

This has been and continues to be an amazing learning experience for me, some of my customers are very knowledgeable and I love it when they ask questions because they teach me too!

The legend for my products is as follows: O{rganic}, R{aw}, V{egan}, W{wildcrafted}, F{airTrade}, E{coFriendly}, G{lass}.

What does your beauty routine look like?

Simple + Easy.

Daily: Dry brushing before my shower, I wash my body with soap and my face with Best Skin Ever oil cleanser. After shower, a stroke of deodorant and a swipe of under eye protectant and a spritz of rose water. Next, my pearly whites, I floss and brush and swish, then apply a little lip color. A little dab of cream on my body and I’m off.

Weekly, evenings, and special occasions I definitely use other products from my store that I LOVE!

What is one beauty tip all woman should know?

If you cannot or would not eat it, don’t put it on your skin. Period. The reason trans-dermal patches work is because approximately 75% of what goes on the skin goes directly into the body and passes through the liver. Keep it simple and fun.

While we definitely believe in the health benefits of nontoxic skin care and cosmetics, I always love to know what people are eating as well. What type of diet/foods do you feel have the greatest benefit to our skin and overall good health?

Organic. And my all time favorite is kale. For over 35 years {think back to the 17 year old navigating the healthy food store}, I’ve purchased and eaten organically grown food. Now more than ever, consumer awareness is expanding and the selections and options continually increase! Vegetarian. Macrobiotic. Vegan. Raw. Fruitarian. High Protein/Low Carb. Pescatarian. Paleo. When I started eating organic food in the 80s, there weren’t as many labels, but at one time or another, I’ve tried them all. I believe our physical and mental bodies change and the more we are in tune, truly dialed-in with our-selves, the easier it is to know how best to eat. Living in south Florida, the warm weather makes it easy to eats lots of raw fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, and eat bona fide grass fed/finished beef.

Since 1992 I’ve been an Acupuncture Physician and currently offer Lifestyle Consulting, wherein I empower others toward a healthier lifestyle via food, exercise, and spiritual choices.

And one last question … who has influenced you in the natural beauty business?

Aubrey Organics. When I began shopping in the late 70s, there wasn’t much selection. And in some ways, that made life a little easier. Less is more, ya know.

Feelgood Style readers get a discount at checkout with code feelgood.  Good through July 30th, 2014.

Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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