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Mainstream Brands with Sustainable Fashion Collections

Major brands with eco-collections

Cute, trendy sustainable clothes can be hard to come by, but some sustainable fashion collections are easier to find than you might think! Eco-friendly fashion has become slightly more popular, and a lot of big-name brands (think: H&M, Topshop, Zara) are jumping on the trend.

Even though they’re fast fashion retailers, these brands are making sustainable more accessible. Although some would argue otherwise (great article about that here), sometimes even carrying a small capsule collection of organic, eco-friendly items is a baby step in the right direction!

Another great things is that these stores are in almost every mall (or available in major cities). Talk about making sustainable fashion easy!

Mainstream brands that are eco-friendly

1. Topshop

Topshop just launched its eco-friendly line, Topshop Reclaim. The pieces carry the brand’s signature cool-girl vibe and has pretty basic items like skinny jeans and blouses. In all, the collection has 20 items made entirely out of recycled materials from the leftover textiles of its other clothes.

Mainstream brands that are eco-friendly

2. Forever 21

Possibly the worst offender in the world of fast fashion, Forever 21 actually does have the rare organic item every once in a while. I’ve seen t-shirts before- but online right now, they actually have these organic cotton leggings! And they are getting great reviews from people who have purchased them and loved them. The catch is, these are only available online. And, like I said, even the items I have seen only showed up on rare occasions. Still¬†something to keep an eye out for!

Mainstream brands that are eco-friendly

3. H&M

This collection has even got the backing of Olivia Wilde, who appears in the eco-collection’s lookbook. The collection is a mix of things- some are organic, and some are recycled. H&M is working on incorporating more sustainable practices, but faces the issue of also expanding its business as it opens more stores all over the world. And, as Wilde points out, the company doesn’t have to explore sustainable practices, but it’s inspiring that they’re making a move in that direction.

Mainstream brands that are eco-friendly

4. Zara

Zara has carried a few organic “basics” for a while now. They’re usually just t-shirts, tank tops, or shirt dresses, but they do have a regular selection that eco-conscious gals and guys can pick up. Zara started out their organic collection in 2011, and apparently has some plans to expand so they can eventually make garments made of 100% organic cotton!

Mainstream brands that are eco-friendly

5. Asos

Asos has its very own “green room”/”eco-edit” where they keep all their really cute vintage, recycled, and eco-friendly stuff. The dress above is reclaimed, made from reused vintage fabrics, which is cool, because every piece is unique! The entire shop is fully comprised of unique items, from clothing to accessories, and even jewelry.

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