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Green Diva’s Guide to Fresh Style: Brook There – Beautiful, FeelGood Bamboo

Bamboo tube shirtI am so in love with this ‘tubeshirt’ from Brook There! I’ve been really wanting to shift my wardrobe to more natural and sustainable and sustainably manufactured clothes. While I have had access to some of the latest eco-fashion trends, this is the first time I’ve tried bamboo.

Bamboo is an amazing textile source. I found these bamboo towels that start out in a small, dry poker-chip sized package – add water and they become soft, versatile towels for kitchen, bathroom, travel, whatever! the Go! Towel was my first introduction to the wonders of bamboo fibers. I was and remain very impressed with the towels, but had not, until now tried any clothing.

I’ve been blessed with one of these tubeshirts and I am stunned by the softness and the hang of the fabric! I want one in every color – and maybe 2 in black. The best part may be the little reinforced (by cute polka-dotted satiny fabric) thumb holes.

The wonder of bamboo is that unlike many other synthetic fabrics it will biodegrade. This is unfortunate for me and I live in terror of this shirt biodegrading before I’m done with it. I have a tendency to love some of my non-biodegradable clothing to shreds!

More about Brook There, bamboo and other natural fiber clothing . . .

Brook There is based in Maine and all their design and production is done there. Maybe that brisk, fresh northern New England air is infused in this garment. Maybe that is part of what I love about it. Perhaps it brings back the breezy memories of summers in Maine. Okay, enough about me, Brook There is all about local, sustainable and ethical practices and reassure us that no one is abused in the production of their clothing.

Other great sustainable fabrics that they use are organic cotton, soy (which is also very intriguing and I have to try that next!) and organic wool.

There is definitely a freshness and simplicity to the designs and a refreshing newness. These are clothes to feel great about.

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Written by Green Diva Meg

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