OBV Reports :: Coco Eco Magazine + D&A Party Pics.

As if it weren’t apparent already to those savvy Ecoista in the know, the convergence of D&A Green Market + Coco Eco Magazine heralded not only a gathering of eco fashion & beauty industry heavyweights – more importantly and significantly it represents yet another stride forward in the solidifying of a move toward more conscious living on every level. The launch and growth of Coco Eco Magazine will help to usher in this new era of responsible hedonism and provide a ‘real’ platform for what’s happening in the world of organic beauty, eco fashion and conscious consumerism in general. I’m not suggesting you go out and torch your credit cards because you can spend with less guilt, that’s not the point. What I’m trying to illustrate is that every day we move toward a new way of living and companies like Coco Eco & Futurenatural show that you can do ‘Green’ with style, savvy and substance. If you’re not on board already, get set for the new zeitgeist. Green, eco, organic, biodynamic, natural… the future is happening now and Futurenatural, Coco Eco, D&A Greenmarket – and so many more – are at the helm.

Written by Emma Pezzack

Self-confessed organic glamazon, responsible hedonist, makeup mogul and all round lover of life. Current roles include:

CEO/Founder of Futurenatural :: Proclaimed a new 'Sephora' for the savvy organic & natural beauty set and loved by Nylon Magazine + Teen Vogue, this award-winning store is the modern-cool-stylish boutique for all the best, cutting edge, organic & natural beauty products in the world.

Editor-In-Chief - Organic Beauty Review :: Bringing you the latest in trends, savvy surveillance and stylish brands from the modern side of organic and natural beauty.

Beauty Director - Coco Eco Magazine :: Bi-monthly online glossy bringing you everything that's stylish, good, green and glam.

Beauty Writer - Feelgood Style ::

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