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Fall Surrounds Us- Eco-Friendly Clothing Must Haves

Popomomo Fall Must HAVE


Yesterday, I took a much needed nap. Basking in my soft sheets and surrounding myself in my glorious comforter, I fell asleep, dreaming peacefully of cupcakes and fairies. Upon awakening from my deep slumber I began to shiver. Rolling over while pulling my comforter over my head I tried to avoid the inevitable sound that my ears begrudgingly heard, a deep autumn howl from the great outdoors. My room was freezing, the unbearable sound of a winter wind creeping over the state of Minnesota swept through my room, my eyes opened to look out the window, I could see winter coming. Fall surrounded me.

It was eighty degrees two days ago. Without any warning or a pleasant transition period, fall has squashed our measly state with its prickly cold toes. Now, I’m left knowing that winter is right around the corner. Remind me to move somewhere warmer.

That being said, I put on my favorite She-Bible sweatshirt today, on this first day of fall- the season that foreshadows doom. So to lighten my spirit, I thought I would put together some of my favorite fall must haves…

She-Bible Mt. Dave Sweatshirt

An oldie but a goodie from She-Bible. I ordered this last year and am currently wearing it. With hidden pockets in the side seams, a longer fit and turtleneck, it’s by far my favorite item to pull over my leggings, throw some rockin’ boots on and hit the town. Luckily for you, this perfect fall garment is on sale at She-Bible. Check it out, buy it, and bask in it’s glory.

Kelly B. Tate Motorcycle Jacket

Um, YES. I have had my eye on this little beauty for a while now. I really enjoy chic-punk-rocker clothes, and in my opinion Kelly B. has perfected the cropped eco-motorcycle jacket. My plan? This jacket, tunic, leggings and knee high boots with…

Ileaiye Hat (Etsy)

This hat. I found the cutest little shop, iLE AiYe, on Etsy that features all hand knit hats, sweaters, arm warmers and neck warmers. I absolutely love big droopy fall/winter hats, I’ve been wearing them for years. Whether they are cool or not, I’ll continue to wear them. In fact, they may be one of the only reasons I look forward to cooler weather.

Popomomo Sleuthing Dress

I’m pretty sure by now, it’s no secret how in love with Popomomo I am. On my agenda in the next month? Order some major fall clothing from Popomomo. The Sleuthing Dress pictured above comes in gray, black and a sweet flannel…I’m indecisive about which color I like more. But I do know this, when bought, I will live in this dress.

Vintage Leather Bomber

Fall necessity, black cropped leather jacket. You want this one? Too bad, it’s mine. I bought it off Etsy from Marcellas Excess, and feel like a complete gem while wearing it. Want your own? It’s easy! Search vintage leather jacket on Etsy. You will be just as pleased as I am with mine.

She-Bible Kaftan

For a newer She-Bible edition check out this Kaftan! She-Bible just added a few of their new fall garments to their site and this Kaftan is calling my name, “Emmillyyy,” no really, I can hear it. Is that crazy? Don’t like the bright orange but love the design? No worries, it comes in numerous colors, you’re bound to find one you adore.

Popomomo Oversized Button Sweater with River Heights Dress

Popomomo, will you marry me? (seriously) I want this entire outfit. Of course, I want every outfit from Popomomo but to post all of them would be a bit obsessive wouldn’t it? (This is my third outfit from Popomomo in this post, including photo on first page.) The Oversized Button Sweater would be gorgeous over any garment, while the River Heights Dress looks unbelievable under the sweater, it would also rock over a tight patterned tee and crazy tights. This outfit equals must have. Must. Have.

My mood does feel considerably better…maybe this cold weather won’t be so dreadful after all. Have some favorite must haves? Feel free to post them in a comment, let’s share our fall fashion desires!

Images Credit: She-Bible, Kelly B., Popomomo, Marcellas Excess, iLE AiYE

Written by Emily Konkler

Born in a small town in southern Minnesota, which didn’t quite fit her fancy, Emily headed for New York City soon after high school. While living in New York City, Emily's keen fashion sense was harnessed, transforming from a hobby to a quintessential passion. Emily has been involved with the fashion industry in numerous aspects including modeling, styling and managing runway shows.

Emily lives with her boyfriend Matthew and her overweight cat, Sisu, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She enjoys painting without talent, reading into the wee hours of the morning, rubbing Sisu behind her ears, sewing on her new machine, eating curry and naan whenever possible, wearing boots all year round, spending good ol’ quality time with her friends, drowning in organic cotton and giggling with her boyfriend.

Currently, Emily is a fashion design student and works at The Nature of Beauty-an organic beauty oasis, where her love for everything organic has flourished and taken her heart by storm. Follow her on Twitter @thekonks. Shopping Bliss plus a 20% Discount!

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