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    Wai-Ching Avant Garde Wedding Gowns

    On Saturday, the most influential woman in my life is getting married. The love that radiates between her and her hubby-to-be is intoxicating- inspiring me to treat not only my boyfriend, but everyone in my life with as much respect and adoration as she does. With her wedding on my mind, I find my thoughts […] More

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    Chainchainchained- Vintage and Affordable Jewelry

    [social_buttons] As I jump off the diving board, in a triple flip-touch my toes-twist and turn like pretzel formation, I gaze below me; my eyes fill with the beautiful sight of green, crisp money- aching for my touch. I slide into the fresh bills with very little splash- perfection- and begin to glide through the […] More

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    Ideo Onesie’s for the Eco-Conscious Baby

    [social_buttons] Calling all eco-wannabe French-stylish babies– I’ve found the most fashion forward organic onesie’s on the market. Want to impress your fellow crawlers, nappers, criers and teether’s? Well, dress to impress with Ideo’s, a fair trade French brand, dazzling mix of onesie’s. Donned in organic cotton and hip French phrases-you’re sure to be the envy […] More

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    Species by the Thousands

    [social_buttons] Dear Santa- All I want for Christmas is every available piece from Species by the Thousands. What’s that you say Santa? What is Species by the Thousands? Only the most unique jewelry/clothing line that uses recycled materials, including scrap metal. And Santa? Feel free to drop some SBTT jewelry into other chimneys as well. […] More

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    American Apparel Sustainable Edition

    [social_buttons] Okay, so, I feel sheepish. The last article I posted I claimed that American Apparel is not eco-friendly. To my delighted surprise, American Apparel carries an organic line called The Sustainable Edition. This is not new news, but well, it’s new to me. I love American Apparel, so I’m incredibly pleased to know that […] More

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    Eco-Tique's Fall Eco-Friendly Clothing Essentials

    [social_buttons] Sometimes I find myself in quite a rut- focusing on the negative aspects of my life rather than the positive. The past year of my life however, has been quite incredible (and I need to remind myself that.) Jobs have fallen in my lap and people have been placed in my path for a […] More

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    Welcome to the Party in My Pants.

    [social_buttons] I know…a pretty abrasive title for Feelgood Style. You may be asking yourself, “Come on Emily, is that appropriate?” I assure you, it is. In fact, Party in my Pants is the title of the newest eco-product I have accumulated into my little eco-goody inventory. So, dear Feelgood Style readers…I introduce you to Party […] More

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    Fall-ing For Bodkin

    [social_buttons] I’ve always been thoroughly impressed with Bodkin. It’s one of those lines that I wish I could be the designer of (that would be a rather large boost to my ego) or at least own every single item they create. Even while perusing Bodkin’s website I get giddy with a slight bit of down […] More

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    Fall Surrounds Us- Eco-Friendly Clothing Must Haves

    [social_buttons] Yesterday, I took a much needed nap. Basking in my soft sheets and surrounding myself in my glorious comforter, I fell asleep, dreaming peacefully of cupcakes and fairies. Upon awakening from my deep slumber I began to shiver. Rolling over while pulling my comforter over my head I tried to avoid the inevitable sound […] More

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    Mr. Larkin- An Eco Project

    [social_buttons] This morning, I went to work per usual. Miss Terri Bly, the glorious woman that she is, had so thoughtfully signed me up for Ecouterre’s eco-fashion magazine. Let me just formally say this, thank you Terri, you sweet sweet intuitive woman. Upon going to the site, which is fantastic, I fatefully came across Mr. […] More

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    Olsenhaus- Pure Vegan Shoes

      [social_buttons] I must admit, I spend most of my time drooling over clothing, pondering the possibilities of how to achieve the perfect eco-style. Recently, I came across Olsenhaus and my mind has wandered from high-waisted skirts and rock-star dresses to shoes. Not just shoes, mind you, but vegan, sexy, eye-bulging, stomach-fluttering shoes that gave me […] More

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    Eco Pop Quiz: Answer!

    I know… you’ve all been sitting on the edge of your seat, knuckles white from gripping your stools, the anticipation threatening your very life. Well, take a deep breathe and try to contain your excitement and awaited relief. Here is the answer to my incredible pop quiz question I posed two days ago. More

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    Eco Pop Quiz

    I learned something most interesting last night while eating sushi with my boyfriend’s parents. Being so moved by my recent article about eco-friendly lab coats, my boyfriend’s scientific father told me a little eco tid bit, and I was most intrigued. So, I thought I would share my current eco-fact with all of you (cross […] More

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    Pure Bohemian- The Definition of Exquisite

    [social_buttons] For Labor Day I thought I would share a little something my mind has been laboring over. It’s called a kilt. I like to call it, a glimpse of heaven. If heaven consists of recycled leather, fabric and hardware combined to make delicious ‘kilts’ in varying colors and patterns, I beg you, transport me […] More

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    The Original Eco Yoga Mat by Barefoot Yoga

    [social_buttons] Sweat drips from my nose, rolls down my chin and runs off my chest- landing on the floor with pride. The air is thick. Mirrors, fogged over. Essential oils soak into my pores, filling my body with peace. I rest my wet forehead on my mat as I breathe through pigeon, opening up my […] More

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    Popomomo Introduces the Curatorial Collection

    [social_buttons] This morning, per usual, I checked my email. A huge smile crossed my face when I saw an email from Lizz Wasserman, designer of Popomomo. With the words “Introducing” and “Collection” in the email’s subject I immediately, my heart racing, opened it. To my delirious satisfaction, my eyes soaked in picture after beautiful picture […] More

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