Fall Makeup Trends with Organic Makeup

Best organic makeup for fall 2015!

After last week’s post about fall fashion trends, we realized you’d need some organic makeup to complement that new fall wardrobe! Nailing all the latest makeup trends can be hard enough as it is, but finding organic products can make it exceptionally challenging! Lucky for you, we’ve got a round up below of some of the season’s hottest makeup trends- with organic makeup brands!

You’ll notice that some of these trends are also enduring trends– so you may have seen them before and you will probably see them continue on into future seasons!

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Organic makeup trends

1. Black eyeliner

Not exactly a revolutionary trend, black liner was huge this season. And don’t stop at simply lining your eyes- go for a bold cat-eye look with winged sides! It’s a tough look to master, but well worth it once you can line your eyes on the first try! This eyeliner from Vapour Organic Beauty is (you guessed it…) organic and cruelty free. Their packaging also comes from recycled materials, which is another bonus if you shop with them. Another cool feature is their website- they show you how to use the product and give little tips and guidelines for how you can apply it like a pro.

Organic makeup for fall

2. Dark eyeshadow

Darker shadow colors will go perfectly with your black eyeliner. You can smudge it for a cool smoky eye, or just do some basic eye contouring for a more everyday look. This product is a compact from Josie Maran cosmetics. It’s amazing because it has four colors for you to do some darker shading, but it also has an eyeliner in the middle! The best thing about it? It’s all natural and it’s infused with argan oil! If you didn’t already know, argan oil is a powerful little ingredient that can solve (almost) all of your beauty woes! The compact is also vegan and cruelty-free, and it comes with instructions so that you can learn how to apply your dark eyeshadow perfectly.

Organic makeup for fall

3. Blue eyeshadow/liner

A new trend this season, blue eyeliners and eyeshadows were a surprising development! At first it seemed a little 90’s, but turns out, it’s definitely a trend we can get on board with! Especially if you go for a shimmery metallic shade like this one by Alima Pure, you should get some good wear out of it. Another cool feature of this Alima Pure liner is that it’s a loose powder, so it can be used as eyeshadow in a pinch if you need to! Or, you can always go with their matte blue eyeshadow in this gorgeous cobalt blue shade. Alima Pure is totally natural with their ingredients, and they never test on animals. They’re also completely transparent with their ingredients and even list al of them on their website, so you definitely know what you’re buying!

Organic makeup for fall

4. A bold red lip

Is a bold red lip ever out of style? Nope! This trend can work for anyone- there’s a shade of red out there for every skin tone! The trick to pulling it off in your complete make up look is to play down the eyes when you play up the lip- make your lips the star! This shade of red from Vapour Organic Beauty is called Courage. Not only is it made of all organic ingredients and minerals, but 30% of the proceeds for this shade in particular go toward the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund to benefit sounded veterans. All the more reason to try out this perfect shade of red!

Organic makeup for fall

5. Highlighters

No, not like office supplies! A makeup highlighter makes skin look bright, dewy and healthy, which is always in. But sometimes your skin just isn’t working with you (like the skin version of a bad hair day!). It’s like the opposite of bronzer, but conversely is also frequently used with bronzer for contouring. To brighten the skin up a bit, try this highlighter by RMS Beauty. It’s a great product because it’s pretty thin and sheer, so it’ll work with any skin tone. They used recycled materials wherever they can, and they don’t test of animals.

Organic makeup for fall

6. Bold brows

Gone are the days of skinny eyebrows! The bold look seems to be here to stay- so how can you get it if you weren’t blessed with a whole lot? Enter: brow pencils. This certified organic brow pencil from Inikia Cosmetics is soft (not like some of the waxy kinds out there) and it comes with its own pencil sharpener. It’s certified organic and never tested on animals. They also have an easy how-to-use section on their website!

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