Feelgood Fitness: Bodyweight Training

by Jonathan Dunsky

bodyweight training

If you’re environmentally conscious, you’re probably looking for ways to do your part for the good of the planet. If you’re health conscious, you probably want to do good by your body as well. What’s the best way to meet both of these goals? How can you be green and get fit at the same time?

I believe that bodyweight training is the answer. It’s the green way to get in shape. I’ve been incorporating more of these exercises into my fitness routine and it has improved my workouts tremendously. So, what is bodyweight training, and what makes it green?

What is Bodyweight Training?

Bodyweight training is a workout routine which includes exercises that use your own weight as resistance. You don’t need dumbbells or barbells or strength machines. For example, push-ups, squats, and lunges are bodyweight exercises.

No Equipment Required

In order to do bodyweight workouts you don’t need any fitness equipment. You can save a lot of money on fitness gear and on gym membership fees. Since you’re not using any material such as dumbbells, barbells, kettelbells, etc, you’re actually helping to preserve resources.

No Need To Drive To The Gym

Since you don’t need any equipment, you don’t need to go to the gym at all. Working out gym-free saves you the cost of the commute, conserves gas and energy, and reduces emissions.

You Can Workout Anywhere

Is it snowing outside and you don’t want to go out? No problem, you can train at home. Are you going on a trip? You can now train in your hotel room. It’s a beautiful day and you want to soak in the sun? You can do your workout in the park or on a beach.

You are no longer limited by location. Since you don’t need a gym or any equipment, you can workout anywhere you are. You have total freedom.

It’s Easy To Do Circuits

A circuit training workout involves doing a series of strength exercises one after the other. You don’t want to rest between exercises because your goal is to build up the intensity of your workout.

Bodyweight exercises are perfect for this. Since you don’t need to switch equipment from one set to the next, look for weights, adjust the load, etc. you can do excellent circuits in record time.

Train Your Body For Greater Efficiency

Lifting weights is fun, and I’ve been doing it for over 10 years. However, being able to lift a 20 lbs dumbbell says very little about your real fitness. Knowing how many push-ups or squats you can perform gives a more accurate picture. You want to know how fit you are in relation to your own weight. The way to do that is with bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight Training is not inferior to weight lifting. Each has its place. However, don’t believe anyone who claims that you can’t stay fit with bodyweight exercises. This is simply not true. You can achieve fantastic results with bodyweight training while saving some money and being green as well.

Jonathan Dunsky dropped over 30 pounds and has kept them off for 12 years. He now writes about weight loss for women and men on World Of Diets. He believes that anyone, with the proper mindset, can lose weight in a healthy way. You can follow him and ask him questions on his Facebook page.

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