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5 Ancient Tips for Natural Glowing Skin

by Louise Ryan

natural glowing skin

The quest for natural glowing skin is nothing new. While many of us opt for microdermabrasion to achieve natural glowing skin, people from the ancient world discovered their own beauty secrets.

The Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks were dedicated to looking good and developed many skin care treatments. They left behind a wealth of rejuvenating remedies, amazing antioxidants and sensational secrets that keep us looking our best today.

Everything from tweezers, eye makeup and pumice stones were discovered amid the ancient tombs, so let’s take a look at how our products have been inspired by the ancient world. Opting for a chemical facial peel wasn’t an option back then, but people still worked hard to look glamorous.

Here are some of the most common ancient skin treatments that:

1. Almond oil

Rather than a course of Botox or a spot of microdermabrasion to look young, the Ancient Egyptians relied on almond oil. This natural product was the secret ingredient in many of their products and was popular throughout the classes. The vitamin E in almonds helps rid the body of toxins and clears out unwanted free radicals. The nuts draw out impurities and left the Pharaohs with lovely, natural glowing skin.

Almonds are still common in cosmetics today and are thought to help achieve a clear, smooth complexion. From almond oil to face packs there are a whole range of products available that are thought to sooth chapped and irritated skin.

2. Olive Oil

The Ancient Greeks regularly used olive oil to moisturize, nourish and soften their sun-damaged skin. It was often referred to as “liquid gold,” and they spread it all over the body to achieve a revitalized and youthful appearance. The natural oxidants, or polyphenols, were thought to have healing properties and the natural ingredients of olives have been linked to stress relief.

There are plenty of olive-based products available on the market today including a host of hand and nail creams and a selection of massage oils. It is also thought that eating olives can reduce the effects of aging – so start preparing recipes from the Mediterranean today!

3. Clay

The natural world is a wonderful thing, and the Ancient Egyptians discovered the healing properties of the Earth. They made soaps out of ash, oil and clay that were designed to not only clean the body but to cure skin diseases and damage. Clay and ash are still used in many cosmetic products and are thought to exfoliate dull skin and draw out impurities. They are also used to smooth out fine lines and are said to be so gentle that they are compatible with many skin types. You can even make your own face mask out of bentonite clay.

4. Frankincense

Frankincense was common in Ancient Egypt to help heal stretch marks. Many women would use this aromatic resin obtained from trees to control the nasty marks that can occur during puberty and pregnancy. You might be surprised, but this natural product is also in many modern products and is thought to stop bleeding and clear up sores.

5. Salt

Both the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks used exfoliated their skin with natural products. They understood the importance of having a youthful appearance and would do all they could to achieve a beautiful look. To remove dead skin, they’d rub their faces with salt salt scrub and with large pumice stones. They would follow up the exfoliation by massaging oils into the rejuvenated area to protect themselves from the scorching sun and to sooth any irritations.

We have followed in the footsteps of our ancestors and continue to use many exfoliating hand face and body products. We regularly use bath gels that help us scrub away dry and flaky skin and we must thank our forefathers for this beauty secret.

Author bio: Currently living in Manchester, England I have been a writer and a blogger for over 3 years currently specialising in health and beauty.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Cara Photography


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