Feelgood Fitness: Cell Phones and Your Health

cell phones and health

How did people ever manage to make plans before cell phones? When I’m coordinating with my family or trying to meet up with friends, I feel like I’m on my phone constantly texting and calling to make sure we all know where to be and when. But how is all of that cell phone usage affecting our health?

The folks at Mezzmer have a super informative infographic that looks at how cell phones are affecting our health, from our hearing and eyesight to our posture. What I really love about this graphic is that rather than just lay out the problems, they offer some simple, doable solutions. I’ve also got some yoga poses for cell phone use recovery at the bottom of this post!

cell phones and health

Yoga for the Cell Phone Slump

The effect that really struck me was posture. I didn’t even consider how texting affects your posture! Here are some yoga poses from Yoga Journal to help combat that texting slump:

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