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Feelgood Quickie: Give the Gift of Yoga

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We have all heard that yoga and meditation are absolutely wonderful for your mind, body, and spirit, buy some may not have time to visit their gym for classes or don’t really know where to begin when it comes to an at-home yoga routine.

Since I practice yoga mostly at home, it can also get kind of boring working from the same couple of DVDs everyday. A wonderful resource that many have been taking full advantage of is the website Yoga Today. There are tons and tons of different yoga videos for you to watch and do. You can utilize the free video they post each week or you can subscribe to one of their plans and receive access to everything in their library.

If you’re still trying to think of something to give a loved one this year, Yoga Today offers gift cards for different subscriptions to their site.  The prices are super reasonable considering how many videos you have access to! Another wonderful thing about this site is that there is a vast array of videos for anyone: from the first time yogi to the most experienced. You can search through the classes based on your skill level, what you would like to accomplish in your practice, and even the instructors that are featured on the site. Even if you don’t know anyone who would love to receive a subscription this season, swing by the site to see all there is to offer your daily yoga practice!

Do you practice yoga at home or in classes? Have you ever used a yoga website or DVDs for your practice? What are some of your favorites? I would love to hear about them, feel free to leave any comments or links!

[Yoga image by Augusto Mia Battaglia photography via Flickr Creative Commons]

Written by Maria

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