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7 Wishes Bracelet benefits CARE and Makes A Great Gift

Oh lookie what I got!

The only difference is that mine is pre loaded with a wish. I’d tell you my wish, but then what if it doesn’t come true?

I adore Annatarian designs and it’s no secret that I’m a fan of these bracelets and I’ve given many to friends. They’re the perfect gift.

With recycled silver and surplus string it’s a guilt free luxury that we all deserve. With 25% going to CARE, it’s going to be the holiday gift that I give this winter.

Sold exclusively through Annatarian’s jewelry website and at special events nationwide, this bracelet spreads the message of CARE’s work to empower women around the world and encourages everyone to do their part in the fight against global poverty.

“I am very excited about this opportunity to partner with CARE in the fight to end poverty and empower women to create change,” Ms. Mkhitarian said. “I am honored to donate 25% of the sale of each bracelet to support CARE’s work.”

The CARE charm, made from recycled sterling silver, is a hand with an embossed heart in the palm. The bracelet is crafted from orange vintage surplus string which Ms. Mkhtarian sources from factory remnants and dyes. The charm is packaged in a recycled paper box with a hand stamped peace seal. The hand symbol of the charm represents peace, nurturing, and women’s work – women around the world produce half the world’s food but only own one percent of its farmland.
Each bracelet is made in Los Angeles with love and is designed to inspire positive change. It is a tool for goal setting, intentions, resolutions, and making wishes. The wearer secures the bracelet with seven knots – one for each of seven wishes. Ms. Mkhitarian recommends memorizing what each knot represents, “so you have a constant reminder of the changes you want in your life.” When the bracelet falls off, tradition says, you are ready for your next phase of positive growth and it is said that your wishes will come true. You can keep the silver hand charm as a memento of the positive change you wish to see for yourself and the world.

UPDATE: Anna of Annatarian is offering my readers an exclusive discount on her fantastic eco conscious jewlery. Use promo code JGOCT08 at checkout and get 10% off all products except the CARE Bracelet.

Jessica Gottlieb is a freelance writer in Los Angeles.

Written by Jessica Gottlieb

Raised in Manhattan Beach, a once sleepy suburb of Los Angeles, sustainability was never discussed so much as it was an integral part of my life and style.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and two school aged children who never met a puddle they didn't want to jump in.

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