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Green Diva’s Guide to Fresh Style: Wear Your Music for V-Day

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It doesn’t take long for people to figure out that I’m a music freak. Some of you may listen to the hour of tunes I play before the regular Green Divas Radio Show (and I usually break for music during the talk hour too!).

If you like music and are looking for an eco-friendly AND socially active way to give, Wear Your Music has you covered.

Clever designer Hannah Garrison found a way to reuse discarded (or donated) guitar strings. They sent me one of their fashion bracelets and i LOVE it! Great looking, simple, eco-friendly and extremely affordable ranging from $7 – $9.99.

The Artist Bracelets are made from the donated used guitar strings of a fun variety of artists from Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson to Bonnie Raitt, Bob Weir (one of my favs) and the highest priced Eric Clapton. The bracelets are made from the donated guitar strings and silver and can be customized. They come in a recycled CD case along with certificates of authenticity. Profits are donated to the charity of the artist’s choice like the Surfrider Foundation, the Grateful Dead-affiliated Rex Foundation and Carlos Santana’s Milagro Foundation to name a few.

(WOW! just had a strange experience – I’m sitting here with my iPod on shuffle groovin as I write and as I was going to each foundation website to get the links, the Milagro Foundation opens up with Carlos Santana’s Samba Pa Ti and nearly at the SAME instant, my shuffle went to the same tune! Seriously – I have THOUSANDS of tunes on that thing. what are the odds? Maybe I should play the lottery or something. Perhaps I need a miracle – milagro – or perhaps I’ve already had one . . . )

Ok, I digress . . .

The cool Artist Bracelets range in price from $100 – $500 and all profits are given to the chosen charities of the artist. I’m sending this post to my beloved and giving him the link (hint, hint) to Jorma Kaukonen. Hey, ya never know!

Written by Green Diva Meg

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