Tidal Vision Upcycles Sustainable Seafood Byproducts Into Clothing, Accessories

Tidal Vision Upcycles Sustainable Seafood Byproducts Into Clothing, AccessoriesKeeping our sights on sustainable fashion offerings is key these days and Tidal Vision is on-board, utilizing the sea as its source.  Tidal Vision‘s mission is rooted in awareness of the treatment of our water sources and the safeguarding of those sources through education and innovation.  So, for your purposes, their  “innovation” refers to some fancy new fashion options in their crab shell fiber-spun clothing and fish skin leather.

Tidal Vision’s origin is in simple awareness as well.  To challenge the almost 40% fishery industry byproduct waste, they opted to find a way to use that waste to give our fashion senses a little oomph.  Because Tidal Vision’s awareness is far-reaching, they’re “inspired by the economies, families, cultures, and ecosystems that rely on the sustainable management and conservation of the Oceans’ resources.”  They also understand that their movement adds value to those fisheries who make it their goal to reduce waste and wasteful practices.

Tidal Vision Upcycles Sustainable Seafood Byproducts for Clothing + Accessories

So, here’s a run-down on the goods:

Crab Shell Fiber Clothing

Crab and shrimp shells contain a fiber called Chitosan which can be spun into a cotton-like fabric and used to make clothing.  Chitosan has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which help discourage bacteria growth and can produce (you guessed it) an anti-odor functionality.  Chitosan also has naturally high moisture absorption, giving it a bit of a “wicking” capability.  All crab shells are sourced from 3rd party certified sustainable fisheries, in particular from the Alaskan Opillio Crab industry in the Bering Sea.

Fish Skin Leather

Fish skin leather is sourced from 3rd party certified sustainable Wild Alaskan Salmon whose natural oils have been replaced with those traditionally used in vegetable-tanned leather (although, with a different ratio, of course).  The leather is strong and textured where the scales have been removed.

Tidal Vision Upcycles Sustainable Seafood Byproducts Into Clothing, Accessories

Obviously there’s a continuous possibility for a model whose mission addresses the idea of innovation, but also of a hopeful longer-lasting reward for those fisheries who keep sustainability in mind.  Tidal Vision hopes to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the near future, with commercially available products to follow soon after.


Written by Leah Gehlsen Morlan

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