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Expanding the Fashion EcoSphere: the eco-fashion compass points North for Vancouver Fashion Week

While eco-fashion is becoming more mainstream with an increasing number of environmentally conscious designers serving up sustainable styles and earth-friendly frocks, the runways are typically reserved for regaling the glitz and glam of overly indulgent attire.

But this week, Vancouver turns the spotlight on sustainability with its first ever eco-focused fashion night, Friday, November 7th, 2008.

Vancouver Fashion Week, a hotbed of haute couture and leading west coast designers, is one of the premier purveyors of popular pageantry, unveiling some of the world’s most sought after styles and trends.  This year, VFW is showing its support for the environment with a dedicated evening for designers to promote their leading edge sustainable artistry and eco-conscious craftmanship.  From eco luxury, showcasing the art of organic handmade silk, to the unique beauty of recycled fabrics like cashmere and wool, an impressive range of techniques and designs will be featured.

Some local labels include:

Artifaax – A First Nations-inspired fashion company, offering a unique selection of products and a distinctive line of t-shirts that they will be highlighting. Founder, Denise Brillon, is committed to bringing art and integrity to her styles, and seeks to educate and inspire through all forms of fashion, all of which are rich with symbolism.

Adhesif Clothing – Noted for their use of new and recycled fabrics to create compelling and original one-of-a-kind-garments, Adhesif believes that by creating unique pieces, they are celebrating the individuality and personality of their consumers.

 Elroy Apparel – Casual women’s designer clothing comprised of sustainable and socially responsible fabrics. Operating under the belief that a beautiful garment has an even more beautiful story behind it, Elroy is committed to eco-fashion without sacrificing style, and aims to lower their carbon footprint through conscious clothing.

Lav and Kush – Built on the Hindu mythology of the royal twins who were raised in the forest and became the protectors of the woods, representing music, beauty and strength, Lav & Kush is the luxurious love child of sustainable fashion.  They strive to use eco-friendly fabrics in beautiful textures with the urban woman in mind, resulting in feminine and flirty styles for flattering and flattening your footprint on the environment.  They also donate a portion of all revenue to various non-profits.

In addition to the local crew, eco-designers from around the world will be taking the stage tomorrow night, Friday, November 7th, 2008 from 5:00-9:00pm (Pacific, UTC-8) at 305 Dunlevy Avenue, Vancouver BC, Canada to show off their Spring/Summer 2009 collections, including InHarmony from Seattle, an uber luxury apparel brand founded by Antonina on the belief that beautiful fashion can be an instrument for change around the world.

Tickets are available for $25.00CA/$21.80USD at Club Zone, but whether you participate in the eco-celebration in person or simply sport sustainable styles in your everyday life, consciousness is the little back dress that is right for any occasion.  And by coiffing consciously, you’ll be beautiful inside and out.

Written by Gennefer Gross

Gennefer Gross is a food and style-obsessed television comedy writer in Los Angeles. She is currently co-founder of Blox Toppling Productions, an independent production company she runs with her husband and writing partner, David Gross. When she’s not covering the fashion beat, she can be found sharing mouthwatering morsels on her blog Tasty Beautiful or on a quest for the world's best burger.

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