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It’s Easy Being Green: Plants in College

plants in college dorms

What’s on your packing list for college?

Clothes? Check.

Notebooks? Check.

You read correctly! Plants in college. Dorm room gardens are the new futons, and there’s no wondering why. Having a small plant or two can reap tremendous benefits for your health, stress levels, and overall state of being.

Responsibility: Humans tend to have more empathy for people and things other than ourselves. It’s not our fault- just human nature. So as humans, let’s embrace this nature in a fresh way! A lot of freshman let themselves go in their first year of college whether it be physical, emotional, or academic. Looking out for a plant may be the inspiration you need to look out for yourself, too.

Health: Spending a lot of time in a closed room in a huge building may not necessarily be providing enough fresh air. Plants are like green purifiers that can lower toxin levels boost oxygen to keep you at your healthiest!

Stress: Use indoor gardening as a hobby to steal away some alone time. It’s a no stress activity that’ll take you to another world away from the studying and craziness of school.

Not sure which plant is right for you? Check out some of these options!

Written by Leah

Hi, y'all! Leah here. Commonly mispronounced as lee-uh but kindly corrected as lay-uh. Born and mostly raised in metro Atlanta and will be studying Environmental Engineering in the big ATL for the next four years at Georgia Tech. I'm a optimistic realist, an organized mess, and your go-to girl for all things eco-and-college-friendly!

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