Why Organic Cotton? What You Need to Know

Organic Cotton

There is just something so cool about a family owned business. Plus I’ve always loved the idea of growing your own materials. Dreams of owning my own lavender farm have been in the back of my mind for years.

Organic Cotton Plus is just that. No, not lavender farmers, but a family of organic cotton growers from Texas. This 5th generation company grows certified organic crops which are then made into fine fabrics and yarns.

Did you know that conventionally grown cotton is grown with some of the most toxic chemicals around? Actually considered the world’s “dirtiest” crop, cotton farming covers 2.5% of the world’s land but uses 16% of the world’s insecticides. That’s more than any other major crop!

Aldicarb, parathion, and methamidopho, three of the most acutely hazardous insecticides to human health as determined by the World Health Organization, rank in the top ten most commonly used in cotton production. All but one of the remaining seven most commonly used are classified as moderately to highly hazardous. ~Organic Trade Association

Whether you are a sewer/crafter or not, you can see the importance of buying organically produced cotton. I don’t sew, but did purchase all cotton bed sheets the last time I bought them.

Safely produced cotton is not only safer for you and your family, but for our environment too. It decreases the use of these harmful chemicals and our exposure to them.

As with food and cosmetics, the best way to show your support for organic cotton is through your purchasing power. Buy items made with organic cotton. And if you are able, make them yourself.

Take a closer look at why organic cotton is a healthier choice over conventionally grown cotton at Organic Cotton Plus.

Organic Cotton Plus is an Important Media network supporter.  As always, our opinions are our own!

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