Low Impact Living: Fabulous Green Furniture Finds

This post was originally published on Wednesday, August 13, 2008.

Every once in a while I like to cruise around online (some low-carbon cruising!) to check out cool green home furnishings. I went to some of my old favorite haunts, as well as some new ones– and was totally overwhelmed with all of the gorgeous furniture design going on out there in the eco-sphere. Let me share some really lovely pieces with you.

ladies roseOne of my favorite craftsmen in Brandon Morrison of Whyr’hymer Furniture. He uses totally sustainable materials in his pieces and they are just stunning. He uses only FSC-certified woods and non-toxic finishes. He makes spectacular tables, beds, cabinets and some of the most distinctive lighting fixtures I’ve ever seen. At left you see the exquisite Ladies Rose Cabinet. The Whyr’hymer website is also just a rich visual experience, so take a spin and enjoy!

Dining room furniture from KnuCheck out what’s new at Knu! Knú is primarily known as a leading supplier of eco-friendly office furniture, but don’t try to put them in a box. They make dining tables, chairs and now great kid’s furniture as well. Knú uses FSC-certified, sustainably harvested birch whenever possible and also uses FSC-certified natural veneers or SGS-certified engineered poplar veneers. Knú uses proprietary hardware consists of 40% recycled steel on average. What’s also great about Knú is that they buy local: 90% of their suppliers are within a 50-mile radius.

cribAny babies on the horizon? Take a gander at this special IoLine Crib. The sustainably-harvest wood and bamboo in this crib are too beautiful for words, and the whole piece features non-toxic finishes and adhesives. What makes the crib even better is that it transforms into a toddler bed– which makes the investment more worthwhile. That’s one lucky baby!

Rondi chair fromAnd mama needs a comfy place to rest, too. How about this sweet Rondi Chair from Viesso? Viesso is another great eco-minded furniture design shop and they make beautiful couches, bed, chairs– the whole shebang. They use FSC certified woods, natural organic latex, recycled steel springs, water-based glues and more eco-friendly materials. (Be sure to check out their floor-model section as they have some amazing deals!)

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