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Green Your Summer Routine: Eat Local

Feelgood Quickiefresh basil from the garden

Whether from garden, potted plants or you local farmer’s market, summer is perfect for eating local.

As in, your backyard.  Doesn’t get more local than straight from your own garden. I will admit I am not much of a gardener.  The simpler the better, around here.  My kids, however, do have green thumbs and grew a successful little garden themselves last year.  Everything for salsa: cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro.  Good!

No space for a garden?  Try containers.  Cherry or grape tomatoes, herbs, lettuces, and strawberries all work well in pots.  Container gardening is also a great way to keep things neat and tidy.  Just don’t forget to water.

Not into GIY (grow it yourself)?  Head to your local farmer’s market and pick up some fresh foods that others in your community have grown.

There is something super cool about eating what you’ve grown yourself.  It’s also a great lesson for the kids.  Do you grow your own veggies in the summer?

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Jasmine&Roses

Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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