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The Rundown: Dos + Don’ts for Cold Weather Workouts

Dos and Don'ts for Cold Weather Workouts

Don’t let chilly mornings stop you from getting your run on! Learn the dos and don’ts for cold weather workouts and get a jump on your New Year’s resolution.

Boy do I love the fall.  I mean truly, what’s not to dig?  Sweater weather, soup, lots of delicious squash…aaaaand every excuse in the world not to keep up my workout regimen, which, honestly, can be kind of fun.  But, I tell you what, come January 1, I’m that person who’s publicly announcing a cleanse and a marathon registration…which never come to fruition.  I’ve found that if I keep my cold weather workout moving on through those chillier months, my spring is a much healthier and happier place.  I know, I know, I’m groaning as I write this, but cold weather workouts aren’t all that bad, and I’ve got some solid tips for you right here to keep them easy and fun.

Dos and Don’ts for Cold Weather Workouts

Do join a gym.  I completely understand that gyms can get expensive and sometimes all those machines and people in serious workout gear can be overwhelming and intimidating, but do look at all your options.  Take tours, call ahead, and ask lots of questions.  If you find a gym you like, with helpful, knowledgeable staff, you’ll be far less likely to feel uncomfortable when you’re getting your cold weather workout on.

Don’t break the bank on that gym membership, but a lot of gyms have a back-to-school registration fee-waiver or you can land a pretty decent discount through your employer.   Plus, some gyms offer nice incentives for new members, typically anything from cheap smoothies to free sessions with personal trainers.

I really find that a gym with a great series of offered courses (think hot yoga or anything in the Les Mills pantheon) will keep you occupied and interested and, therefore, will also keep that hot cocoa-creep at bay (or at least you can bang out some solid calorie-burn before you have your chocolate).

Do work out outside if you can.  Because cold weather workouts require more of you physically, you produce more endorphins when you take on those low temps.

Don’t ignore severe weather warnings.  Unless you’re a very serious runner or extreme sport-enthusiast with plenty of experience, and have a very good understanding of how to work out in cold weather, leave it alone.

Speaking of staying indoors, do take a peek at your online streaming options for free (or discounted) workouts.  Currently Amazon Prime‘s free streaming option boasts a number of available workouts, featuring a plethora of known hosts, from Jillian Michaels to Denise Austin.  Other options like Fitness Blender or even YouTube can also help you take on those cold weather workouts.

Don’t sweat a missed session.  Just get back on the cold weather workout train the next day.

And while I’m at it, most importantly, don’t freak out over holiday-related hiccups.  Try not to overdo it, but have realistic expectations and be good to yourself.

Get more indoor workout tips here.

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Written by Leah Gehlsen Morlan

lives and works in Iowa City, Iowa. She has a film degree from the University of Iowa, and her interests include: watching & writing about film, chasing her kids around, childbirth, healthy cooking & living, and DIY body & baby products. Find me on Google+.

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