Eco Glasses, Eco Eyewear, and Recycled Glasses: 4 Truly Eco Eyewear Companies

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4. Allyn Scura

Allyn Scura possesses a vast collection of vintage glasses spanning from the 1700s to the 1980s. Additionally, Allyn Scura designs and manufactures modern eyewear for the fashion-conscious lens wearer. The company stands firmly by a detailed environmental policy that emphasizes the 4 R’s: refrain, reduce, reuse and recycle. Eco friendly practices include partnering with ASEC and NativeEnergy to offset carbon emissions, eliminating paper waste in company offices, replacing packing peanuts with shredded junk mail, designing products in a solar powered studio and donating excess frames to the Southern California School of Optometry. Allyn Scura encourages customers to send in their used glasses, free of charge. These glasses are donated to charities working in impoverished nations.

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