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3 Ways to Be Green (and Save Green) Today!

A pale hand wearing a ring, and holding a bright, juicy green apple.
Apple for your thoughts?

Being “green” can feel like an uphill climb. There are so many things to know and consider, so many issues to commit to, that even experienced activists can feel overwhelmed. Here are three no-stress green ideas to try today:

1. Shop your closet
While shopping and thrifting, it can be easy to forget about the wealth of items collecting dust in your closet! Try using old clothes and accessories in exciting new combinations, such as wearing a top as a skirt, removing sequins, or cutting off and replacing built-in belts. Try bring old, ill-fitting clothes in for alternations— or do them yourself. A little tailoring makes a big difference, and will leave you looking polished.

Try it Now: Pull out some shoes or jewelry  you haven’t been worn in a while, and plan an outfit around them using clothes you already have. Get creative!

Image accredited to saschaaa.

2. Take Up Photography
A photograph of a pale man holding an expensive camera, and snarling at it.
When taking photos, go natural... but not that natural.

Most people use their cameras for informal pictures of friends and family. But why not try photographing and archiving the nature around you? Nature photography not only gives you beautiful pictures to share with friends and family, but brings you closer to the world around you. It’s an excellent eco-friendly boredom-killer.

Try it Now: Check out E-Nature’s “Zip Guides” for species in your area to plan a no-kill photography “hunt!” Just make sure not to flash, since it startles and disorients animals.

Image accredited to TheGiantVermin

3. Grow Your Own Food

Like eating? Hate paying money for food?
Grow an indoor (or outdoor) organic garden. Growing your produce  is not only more affordable than buying it, but also cuts down on your trips to the supermarket (and petrol usage.) Not to mention it’s great for holidays, when charities are most in need of food donations. Donate leftover vegetables, herbs, and fruits to your local shelters, where they will be appreciated by those who need them most. This also counts as a tax-deductible donation, making your garden “greener” than any of neighbors’ lawns!

Try it Now: Check out if your town offers free compost, the varieties of seasonal plants you can grow, and which plants are native to your region. Some make beautiful garden decor, others are beautiful and edible.

Written by Roxy the Killer

Feminist, fashionista, animal lover, and budget-minded green machine... all wrapped into one.

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