Running Tips :: How to Get the Most from Your Workout

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Whether you are training for a marathon or are new to running, there are certain running tips that can improve your experience.

Running seems pretty straightforward, right? But if you partake, you know there are several mistakes you can make that impede your performance.  We’ve rounded up tips from around the web to enhance your performance, and keep you feeling great while going the distance.

Women’s Health Mag offers 101 Running Tips for Beginners

Runner’s World lets us in on their 5 Bizarre Running Tips

Posture is super important while running. Proper alignment keeps your joints loose and alleviates tension in your neck and shoulders. Are you properly aligned while running?

Find out how interval training can get you to your goals and break up workout boredom.

This is my own tip: If your bod isn’t feeling it, give it a break. It seems like every time I push my body to run further when it just doesn’t feel right, I end up with a sore knee or other problem. Your body knows best, listen to it. Oh, and don’t forget to stretch!

What are your running tips?


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Written by Liz Thompson

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