LVX: A Luxury Vegan Nail Polish Brand

LVX review: Luxury Vegan Nail Polish

After kicking my nail biting habit almost two months ago, I have been searching for that holy grail of polish.  At this point I’m basically the Indiana Jones of the polish world.  Since I spent so many years without any chemical smell on my fingertips, it’s something I notice right away – either in application, while wearing, and especially when I raise a fingertip to my lips when licking off a bit of peanut butter or melted chocolate.  (Wipe off the chocolate instead? Sacrilege!)

One brand that has impressed me with its minimum of scent during application and no scent/taste post-application is LVX (pronounced Lux).  LVX is a socially responsible luxury vegan nail polish brand.  All of their products are cruelty free and produced in the United States.

LVX builds their collection each season around emerging color trends on the fashion runways.  Their polishes are 5-free, meaning they don’t contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, Toluene, or camphor.

I was able to try two products from LVX.  The first was their 3 in 1 Treatment.  As the name suggests, this product can be used three different ways – either as a strengthener, base coat, and/or top coat.  It contains horsetail (an herb) and silica, which are touted for helping nails grow stronger and faster.

In addition to using the 3 in 1 Treatment for these purposes, I enjoyed wearing it on its own for its high shine appearance on bare nails.  It gave a bit of glean to naked nails and didn’t require any touch-ups for several days, even when I was doing a lot of taxing hands-on work.

LVX review: Luxury Vegan Nail Polish

In the polish arena, I tried Truffle, a polish from LVX’s spring collection.  This brown/gray shade is their take on taupe.  It’s a neutral color that would be good for the office, business settings, or anywhere you don’t want your nails to be the first thing that people notice.

The polish went on smoothly and evenly, requiring only two coats to reach the same shade as on the bottle.  I used it along with the 3 in 1 Treatment, and the color stayed chip-free and glossy for days until I was ready to switch it out for something different.  Even though LVX isn’t a gel product, the glossy and smooth appearance has a similar quality.

At $18 for the 3 in 1 Treatment and $16 for Truffle, it’s certainly on the higher side for nail polishes.  However, the long-lasting quality and minimum of chemical scent make it stand out.

Disclaimer:  I received these two products complimentary for review from LVX.  The thoughts and opinions are totally my own.

Image Credit: Photos by Cadry Nelson & David Busch

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Written by Cadry Nelson

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