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Choose the Best Organic Skin Care Products, Step by Step

by Amber Evans

organic skin care products

Choosing organic skin care products can be tough. There’s so much to consider and not enough information out there.

Here are a few tips to help you make better decisions in the beauty aisle. And always remember the cardinal rule: if you can’t pronounce the seven syllable words on the ingredient list, it’s not natural. Don’t buy it.

1. Know your skin type

The more honest you can be, the better. You need to assess what your skin needs most. If you are prone to acne, what is the cause? Is it dirt build-up from doing naughty things like sleeping in your makeup? Is it because your face is overproducing oil? It’s important to know your skin type and the reasons behind your skin afflictions because that will bring you to step two.

2. Know what the products do

When choosing a skin care product, you want to check out what each product does. Your skin is probably not going to respond well to a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, research cleansers that will nourish your dry spots and even out your skin tone. Your toner should restore pH balance and your moisturizer should calm and nourish your skin. Pick each individual product with care and make sure they compliment each other to achieve the best results.

This means if you live in a tropical climate, don’t get a moisturizing, heavy cleanser and wear a heavy moisturizer. This will cause your skin to break out. Keep it light and fresh. Switch to the heavier, creamier products in the winter.

3. Choose the right products

Organic skin care products are the best because they do not rob your skin of any nutrients or try to change its nature. Quite to the contrary, organic brands use natural ingredients to restore your skin’s natural ability to combat free radicals and stay healthy. This means that it’s not stripping skin of its natural oils in order to dry up blemishes. This usually causes your skin to overproduce oil, causing further breakouts.

4. Get into a routine

It’s not enough to find a cleanser or a toner. You need to seek out a line of products that will promote your skin’s natural balance. This usually includes a cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

As the seasons change, you will probably need to change moisturizers (a lighter one in the summer, heavier in the winter) or reduce the amount that you use. The importance of a routine is paramount in giving your skin what it needs.

Amber works for Charleston Naturally, which is located in Charleston, SC and is committed to bringing only organic and natural products to you. Everything is eco-friendly, from our baby blankets to dog toys to organic skin care lines like Dr. Hauschka.

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