How to wash jeans? The answer might surprise you!

How to wash jeans? The answer might surprise you!

Laundry adds wear and tear to your clothing, including your favorite pair of jeans. Check out this surprising video on how to wash jeans!

When asked about the best way to wash jeans, Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh had some interesting advice: don’t do it.

Wait, what?

Lazy people, rejoice! The best way to wash your jeans may be not to wash them at all. Washing fades the color and wears the fabric of your favorite pair of blues, but Bergh says that he hasn’t washed his favorite pair of jeans in a year.

Does that sound super gross?

This guy is no crunchy hippie, you guys. This is the CEO of an international denim company. The man is not going to wear a pair of jeans that are smelly and dirty. He says that the way to freshen your jeans without washing them is to stick them in the freezer. Don’t believe me? Check out this interview with Business Insider where Bergh talks a little bit about how to wash jeans:

Image Credit: Jeans in the Laundry photo via Shutterstock

Written by Becky Striepe

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