How Denim Jeans are Made

How Denim Jeans are Made

We love sustainable fashion around here, and for me a big part of sustainability is appreciating the materials and craftsmanship behind what’s in our closets. In a world of fast fashion, it’s easy to forget that that $5 t-shirt or $25 pair of jeans is more than just a fashion statement. Not only did labor and materials go into making the fabric but many hands went into sewing that garment, possibly under questionable conditions, before it made its way to the store shelves.

Swedish company WeSC Denim produced this video, and the process you see is in one of their factories. They frequently visit production facilities to make sure that their denim is not being produced in sweatshop conditions, so what you see in this video might not be typical of the denim you’d buy at the big box store. You can check out their social and environmental missions here.

This video gives you a glimpse of the time and skill that goes into crafting a pair of jeans. Check it…

As a seamstress, I got a real kick out of seeing these processes, especially the cutting tools that they use. Also, the speed and precision of those industrial sewing machines had me drooling a little. It’s so different from the way that I cut and sew here in my craft studio!

Image Credit: Denim Jeans photo via Shutterstock

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