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Nothing New Challenge: Tips for Buying and Refashioning Thrift Store Jeans


My Nothing New Challenge continues on and another, albeit easier, snag that I’ve hit is buying jeans. When you find a pair that fits you like a glove, it’s hard to then find that same type of fit and style when you’re out thrifting. There are a couple tips to keep in mind, though, when you don’t want to buy new but you need some new jeans.

  • The biggest tip that I have is to go to the mall or shopping center and try on different brands of jeans from different stores. I run into tons of different brands when I’m out thrifting but sizes and fit are all different. Keep a notebook with you and write down what size and brand of jeans fit you the best. Some stores also name their different styles of jeans so make sure to notate that as well. This has been the most fail-proof method of being able to buy jeans at a thrift shop!
  • Don’t look past a pair of jeans that might not be the exact style that you want. Skinny leg jeans are great this time of year because you can pair them with boots, but it can be difficult to find your perfect size, brand, AND style in one pair. Check out this a great tutorial on Grits and Giggles for transforming a pair of regular jeans (straight leg, flare, etc.) into a pair of skinny jeans.
  • If you find a pair of jeans that fit great in the legs and bum but have a gap in the waist- never fear! That gap can easily be closed. Over on Patchwork Posse, there is a great and easy tutorial on fixing the waistband gap using a piece of elastic.
  • Finally, dragging hems on jeans can be unsightly and wear on them unnecessarily. There is a great tutorial on In The Wabe that shows you how to hem your jeans by hand while keeping the original hem intact.

Do you have any other tips for buying  jeans or other pants at the thrift store? Are you participating in the Nothing New challenge? Do you know of any other ways to alter jeans you find while thrifting? I would love to hear your tips and tricks, feel free to leave any comments or links!

[Jeans image by aphasiafilms via Flickr Creative Commons]

Written by Maria

Hey there! I'm Maria Raffaelle and I currently live in Chicago, IL. I have a passion for all things eco-friendly in makeup, skincare, haircare, and fashion. The crafter in me loves to put a DIY twist on beauty too! One of my goals is to help women realize that they are all beautiful; no matter their size, shape, or skin. Let's celebrate the beauty in each of us, together!

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