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Sustainable Events Without Going Anywhere

Painted World

If I had my own private jet, I would be crossing the country for two conferences this week: Sustainable Brands in San Diego and Women and Sustainability in Social Entrepreneurship in New York City.

Actually, I will be spending much of the week attending Little League games and end-of-year school field trips. My carbon footprint will be smaller, and my kids will be happier.

Sustainable Brands offers a livestream, so you can watch the various sessions from the comfort of your couch. I will be watching with interest sessions related to marketing and communications. I also have a crush on anything Patagonia and want to learn about the Higg Index.

Check out Tuesday afternoon’s session with top executives from Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Schneider Electric, and Patagonia: “Emerging Vertical Partnerships for Scale in Impact Measurement: The Case for the Higg Index.” Huh? Hopefully, I’ll get the idea after listening to the pros.

Sadly, there isn’t a livestream for the Women and Sustainability in Social Entrepreneurship event. Never fear, dear reader. I will be interviewing Natalie Grillon co-founder of Project JUST in NYC and hopefully others in San Diego.

So, it will be almost like conference-going, minus the hors d’oeuvre receptions. You will just need to slice up some cheese and buy some good, cheap wine.

There is a map of the world painted on a basketball court near my house where each continent is merely a leap away. Truly, we are closer than any other time in history with our ability to experience far-away places instantaneously.

Watching next week’s events from my computer, I hope to feel some optimism that progressive solutions will keep climate change at bay. We don’t want Earth to become like the one painted on the blacktop; worn with time and weather, borders fading into asphalt oceans.

[Painted World Mural Image by Kelly Taber]


Written by Kelly Taber

Practicing gratitude, living simply, communications and journalism geek, susty is my style. Wife and mom to the two best kids in the universe. Clean, mountain air and mineral water are my favorite commodities.

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