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How To Make Shampoo Using A Bike-Powered Blender

This is a guest post from our sister site, Insteading. At Insteading we want to encourage people to challenge the status quo by doing what works, not what’s always been done. We want to celebrate people and businesses that choose to opt out from the conventional way of doing things and embark on a journey of self-sufficient living, shareable technology, collaborative consumption, alternative currencies and environmental responsibility. Learn more at or join the discussion on Twitter and Facebook.

bike powered blender

One of the reasons I love working with the Insteading team is because the goal of this site is to provide inspiration for those of you who are tired of depending on the big box stores for the things they need.

No matter how many articles I read about alternative energy or make-your-own-household products, I’m always surprised when someone comes up with a truly innovative way to power their lives while living off the grid.

Today’s video how-to comes to us from Maya Pedal, a non-profit based in Guatemala which makes a variety of machines that run on “pedal” power. This is a video illustrating one of the innovative uses of their pedal-powered blender. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Flickr – ken ratcliff

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