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Fourth of July Crafts: Patriotic Button Art!

Fourth of July Crafts: Patriotic Button Art!

Looking to transform your home with DIY patriotic decor? Try Fourth of July crafts like this patriotic button art!

July is only a few weeks away and it’s time to break out the patriotic decor! Rather than buying Fourth of July decor from big box stores, why not create your own? You can easily make patriotic button art with an old picture frame! This beautiful piece of art can dress up your home for a Fourth of July get together, simply hang on your wall, or even sit on your mantle — the possibilities are endless!

What You Will Need:

1. An empty picture frame. You can find cheap frames at thrift stores or garage sales.

2. Red burlap

3. White vintage buttons. If you don’t have any vintage buttons on hand, try making your own buttons out of recycled materials.

4. Scissors

5. Hot glue/hot glue gun

How To Do It:

1. If your frame isn’t already blue (like mine happened to be), I would suggest painting it blue with low VOC spray paint.

2. Cut your burlap to the size of your frame.

3. Hot glue the burlap directly to the back of your frame.

Fourth of July Crafts: Patriotic Button Art!

4. Once the hot glue has dried, arrange your white vintage buttons on top of the burlap.

5. Now that you have your buttons right where you want them, hot glue them to the burlap. I would suggest putting something underneath the burlap (like newspaper or recycled cardboard) so that the hot glue does not stick to your counter/surface.


Allow the buttons to dry, and then your patriotic button art is complete! You can simply hang your art on the wall, or you can use it as a picture frame wreath!

Where would you put your patriotic button art? Are you making any Fourth of July crafts or decor this year? Share your projects with us in the comment section below!

Written by Bonnie Getchell

Hello! I'm Bonnie -- a craft nerd, musician, writer, furniture and vintage lover, crafter, and diyer!

If you would like to learn more about me, I also have my own blog, Revolutionaries, where I write about more craft projects, furniture redos, and my faith! You can also find me on , Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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