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Famous Footwear Evolution: Cool Shoes Made of 100% Recyclable “Plastic”

This is the story of Melissa, the sexiest Brazilian plastic shoemaker, that makes 100% recyclable “plastic” eco-footwear with all their brilliant shoes made with MELFLEX (mono-material which can be dissassembled and recycled). To understand the history of the organization, and how it transformed, check out the about page which explains the evolution of the company from the eighties, nineties, to now, becoming all recyclable.

They explain more about their manufacturing processes from their factory direct:

What is MELFLEX?
For years now, the biggest challenge has been to develop a material which could be easily molded to the foot, providing superior comfort in relation to other products currently on the market. This formula was developed in MELISSA’s laboratories. The result is a composition called MELFLEX. This material has characteristics which provide improved elasticity, impermeability and resistance. Its formula contains products which are hypoallergenic and 100% safe to your health. It is odorless, neutral and natural. MELFLEX maintains its special properties even after being recycled. MELISSA searches for innovation in a variety of fields, including those which are not related to footwear production, in order to boost the performance.

In addition, the factory recycles its factory water and waste. Plus, the production process is sustainable and fair to workers. “The employees are well-paid and the company supports many social and environmental organizations in Brazil.”

These Grey Sweet Lips + I. Capeto Flats from Melissa shown are simply perfect for “strolling through the city, boasting flexible comfort and a bit of edge.” I like the fact these hug the feet and provide flexibility and protection, with soft yet durable new material that is reminiscent of the jellies many of us girls knew as kids. This shoe manufacturer has managed to evolve into a sustainable company over the years and it is remarkable. Not only do they do high end runway heels, they also provide street wear flats for everyone. The simple ones shown here are under fifty. What another knock out made by Melissa with a perforated detail through the toe and an ankle strap to provide the cool supportive details (all MELFLEX recycled/recyclable plastic construction, and rubber sole). Also check out these Melissa clubby style, hot to trot, shiny black numbers we recently reviewed.

Read More About Ethical Footwear:

Written by Lucille Chi

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