Gwen Stefani Launches New Eco Clothing Line

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Just when you thought Gwen Stefani couldn’t get any cooler…

She has a voice like no other, looks simply amazing for 40 something (or any something), and is the best at giving off sweet tough girl. Gwen not only sings and writes music, but has also been designing clothing for the past several years. And with mad style like hers, why not?

So it should come as no surprise (she has done good for the world stuff before) that the No Doubt front woman is going eco with her clothing line. Yep, Ms Stefani teamed with 7 for All Mankind founder, Michael Glasser, to create a collection made with Tencel.

Tencel (lyocell) is a natural cellulosic fiber that can be blended with other fibers (like linen, silk, cotton, wool…). The material is silky, wrinkle-resistant and (unless treated with chemicals) enviro-friendly.

The Design With Purpose (DWP) collection features slouchy trousers (that come in denim, camo and snakeskin prints), tanks, tees, and motorcycle vests.

“I was trying to get all the basics. I love cuffed-up sleeves, tops that are long in front and short in back. And we did a jumpsuit and a dress to fill in the gaps.” ~Gwen Stefani

The line hits stores this Spring and wholesales for between $80 and $130.

[Image by Jason H. Smith at, cc]

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