5 Beauty Essentials for the Gym

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Bag Beauty Essentials by lumin0sityy

Shopping, cooking, baking, celebrating. And going to the gym. You know that has to be a part of feeling and looking great this holiday season.

Do you chronically forget important items when you head off to work out? Getting stuck without those beauty essentials can mean a trip home before running errands, going to appointments, or meeting a client for lunch.

Be sure these all natural beauty staples are in your gym bag and you’ll be ready for almost anything:

Beauty Essentials Collage

Go for the quick and easy cleanse with these two convenient cleansing products. Sante Facial Cleansing Tissues and Swipe are two simple ways to get clean fast.

Adding a layer of moisturizer freshens the skin and keeps it from becoming irritated. Be sure to throw in a tube of your favorite. Are you a foundation user? Try a tinted moisturizer instead. This product does double duty and takes up less space in your bag. I like Lavera Tinted Moisturizer for light coverage.

A fresh body spray will spruce up your scent until you hit the shower. Erbaviva Relax Spray works is great for misting body and hair.

Since stealth is the name of the game here, keep this step simple. A touch of eyeliner or mascara, and a bit of gloss is really all you need. I love the eyeliners and glosses from the Benecos line. All natural and super affordable…perfect for the gym bag.

Throw a few in your gymbag, keep one on your wrist, put a couple in your car. Twistband hair ties are my absolute favorite because they hold hair without breakage and look cute too. Pull post workout hair into a bun or pony and you are good to go.

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